Tuesday, February 07, 2006

BLUES are motivated by INTIMACY, seek opportunities

to genuinely connect with others, and need to

be appreciated. They do everything with

quality and are devoted and loyal friends and

employers/employees. Whatever or whomever

they commit to are their sole (and soul)

focus. They love to serve and will give

freely of themselves in order to nurture

others lives.

BLUES, however, do need to be understood. They have

distinct preferences and occasionally the

somewhat controlling (but always fair)

personality of a confident leader. Their code

of ethics is remarkably strong and they

expect others to live honest, committed lives

as well. They enjoy sharing meaningful

moments in conversation as well as

remembering special life events (i.e.,

birthdays and anniversaries). BLUES are

dependable, thoughtful, nurturing, and can

also be self-righteous, a bit worry-prone,

and emotionally intense. They are like

sainted pit-bulls who never let go of

something once they are committed. When you

deal with a BLUE, be sincere, make an effort

to truly understand them, and truly

appreciate them.

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Rather boring weekend. I spent the night at Jessica's house Saturday night, and didn't do anything all day Sunday except for making things at home and watching the Superbowl. Or, well, to be fair, I watched maybe 2 commercials and that was about it. My parents were of the very loud and frequent opinion(expressed by yelling at the tv) that the referees were biased. I did watch Gray's Anatomy afterwards though. Only show on TV worth watching, aside from House and Bones.

I'm *finally* getting around to listening to some of the CDs that I got for Christmas(or over winter break). Just One More is fantastic. Yay for adding to my ska collection! Only like five more to go. And then I have to break into the OTHER CDs that I have but haven't listened to yet. With all of these unheard CDs lying around, you'd think I wouldn't have any urge to buy new CDs. But it's still there. Kind of like how I have a stack of books a foot and maybe a half tall that I haven't read, but I keep wanting to buy/read more, different books. Although I end up not getting to the stack because we have these reading day assignments and some of the books I don't care to summarize, or tell the teachers about. Nothing inappropriate, mind you. Also a lot are nonfiction which is just REALLY boring when it comes to summarizing. So I end up checking out books to read for reading day and this keeps my stack the same height since I seriously lack the ability to read two books at once.

Things I'm looking forward to this week/end:

a. concert at the Bridge on Saturday
b. hopefully Brokeback Mountain Saturday
c. thrift-storing on either Saturday or Friday - I desperately need a new purse, and I'm too lazy to make one again
d. checking out the clearance rack for neat fabrics again, and turning in application at Jo-Ann's

Not really looking forward to it, but I also need to buy Jessica single's awareness day presents. We decided to be each others' Valentines, as I am (happily) without boy, and her boyfriend lives in Kentucky(and is currently AWOL, but that's a different rant).

I had an orthodontist appointment today. SOOOOOOO boring. I was a bit freaked out when my grandma showed up - my dad told me she wouldn't be showing up until 8:45, and I got in the shower at five 'til eight, or maybe eightish. I was getting ready to get out and hear my grandma come in and I thought "did I fall asleep in the shower?! wtf?!". I stayed home afterwards, due to ickiness of feeling. Worked on homework, read("The Oneprince", decent enough), watched a few episodes of Buffy, surfed the 'net, discussed the idiocy of various things at school with my dad, etc. etc. Not too horribly exciting. Apparently I didn't miss anything at school either.

We had midquarters yesterday. Always a source of irritation because my trig/college algebra grade is low, since we never have our assignments in the next day, and so I have missing assignments, rawr rawr rawr. I've already turned in half of them and I'm working on the fourth right now. Most of it's easy stuff(aside from one completely baffling review section), just kinda tedious. And my dual credit bio class, which, mind you, I'm paying money to take, has an F(59% to be specific) written down for it. Why? Because I missed one assignment due to not being able to get on the computer and the teacher never giving me an alternate assignment. It's kind of peculiar how much we go down to the computer lab in that class anyways. Blargh. Need to talk to him about that tomorrow.

I think I'm gonna go to bed now. Feeling kinda icky again.


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