Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ohh, I never said anything about Stacia and her tattoo. She got a pheonix on her right shoulderblade, Wednesday evening...Jessica, Mike, and I went to watch it. Andy was there too. It looks really good and makes me want the design I have in mind more. At any rate, while I was there, I asked the piercing lady about keloiding chances and she said that she'd think they were relatively low for my lip piercing and where I want yay...hopefully I can get that done too! (even if my mother detests the idea)

I went to Logan's game this morning, they did pretty well. They won 26 to something I believe. I got some good pictures of the game too. Then Jessica and I went to her house, where we watched way too much tv before I went home and finished my NOFX hoodie(that I'll post pictures of tomorrow).

Off to go to the movies with Jess and Alicia. (and spend the night at Jess's house afterwards) Woohoo!


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