Thursday, April 12, 2007

Man, it's been a while. Oops. Haha.

Oh yeah, I joined the Wardrobe Refashion blog. the link is over on the side. Although I haven't got a chance to do much yet - the yarn I ordered was NOT the color I thought it was (ah, the bane of online shopping) so I haven't started on that tanktop, and my grommet tape hasn't come in yet (which is highly perplexing, as the chick shipped it on the 28th). I've been so busy, or it feels like, with senior stuff that I haven't made anything for my etsy shop lately either.

My weekends are taken up too! Districts this Saturday, book signing with Mr. T next Saturday, and prom the Saturday after that. And I really need a date for prom. I think I'm cursed.

and people are so, SO weird.

very short update, but it'll have to do for now - gotta get to work.

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