Sunday, April 01, 2007

ahhh...what a great weekend. the best in a looooong time!

starting off with Friday...a half day...which is definitely a good thing. Mrs. Culp brought her ferret to class and it was FREAKING ADORABLE. see how cute?

yeah. I swear their spines are like...made of jello or something. I didn't expect it to be so freakin' flexible! sheesh!

Anyways, right after fourth hour, Alex shows up. BUT the secretary wouldn't let her talk to us. 'cause you know, it's bad or something. whatever.

oh yeah, and I thought it was funny...I still needed a prom date, so I called over Travis(younger guy friend) during lunch.

"Hey Travvy, has anyone asked you to prom yet?"
"Crap, I need someone who will wear a black and red tux to go with me and I can't think of anyone!"
"Oh, I turned them down. But I'll go with you if you want."

because I am just that cool. (and um, 'cause I have cool friends and all)

so we talked for a while after we got out of school and then I headed home, got the mail and packed some clothes, and we met up at the hotel room. we all messed around on the insanely fast wifi internet (at least, it was insanely fast to I of the very slow dialup internet). 'cause we're all dorks like that. Lydia showed up and we went to the movie theatres...the original plan was to see Meet the Robinsons, but we saw TMNT instead, since I was the only one who had already seen it. And it was just as cool the second time around haha. I swear I'm going to buy it the DAY it comes out on dvd.

We went and ate at Bob Evans, and then went back to the hotel room...then went and dropped off some stuff for Matthew. Then to Local Chaos for Cinna's CD release show, which was great! We missed the Rats, which I was disappointed about...really wanted to hear them...but The High and Lonesome is great, and Cinna was as great as usual. We left a little early though because the cigarette smoke was freakin' killing us (my throat is still kinda sore). Said hi to a few other friends, and then we went back to the hotel room for some more hanging out. I forgot how relaxing just being around friends without doing anything can be. We finally fell asleep at like, three, and I woke up around nine...since my cell phone was dead, I went home to charge it and shower/change (which involved driving in pouring rain without windshield wipers, NOT fun in case anyone was wondering). After a while the rain just went away, and everything was all gorgeous and shiny and green (y'know, the way it looks after it rains and the sun comes out). We went up to Springfield...we drove around for a while, mildly lost, and then found Good Girl Art. We parked by it, went in and looked around a bit, and then walked up to Stick It In Your Ear. Before we got there though, we walked into this indoor flea market that had a TON of classic rock vinyl (Alicia got a good haul, none of it was really my thing...I saw a Sid and Nancy soundtrack single, but it was like $6 and I was like...naaaah) and some interesting vintage clothes...then we ate at Nonna's, which was SO good and pretty cheap for a non-franchise restaurant. Then we actually went to Stick It In Your Ear, where I got How to Clean Everything by Propagandhi. After that, we headed homewards...and apparently I was more tired than I realized:

haha. how cute right? I didn't even realize I fell asleep, I was trying not to 'cause I wanted to keep Alex company. And then the next thing I knew I was opening my eyes going 'huh, what, where are we?'. I stopped by home, where I found out my CDs came in (good on you Interpunk! fast shipping!):

(this is my CD haul of the weekend)

I'm still working through them, obviously. So far I've listened to the Soviettes LP III (kickass, they've been added to my list of bands I want to see live this summer), The Briefs Sex Objects (also great, they were already on the list), and about half of the Slapstick s/t. (also...great...surprise surprise). I'm taking a break and listening to some of the music I downloaded at Alex's hotel room (a lot of Adolescents, Gogol Bordello, the Runaways, the Cramps, some HorrorPops and Towers of London...and Black Betty since I'd had it stuck in my head from TMNT) right now, because after a while all of the music starts to blur together and I end up not getting a great impression of the CD. I'm happier with this order so far than the one from Best Buy (which was Pure Mania by the Vibrators, Damned Damned Damned by the Damned, and Germ-Free Adolescents by X-Ray Spex). I loved the XRS cd, but the other two didn't leave much of an impression. Maybe they'll take a listen or two to sink in. I hope so.

ANYWAYS...back to the rest of my weekend...we chilled at the hotel room, went and said hi to my peeps at the mall (which was mostly Chris, Jesse, and Heath), brushed by the Bridge to show it to Alex...but it was overrun with 12 year olds so we went back to the hotel room and ordered pizza. (oh yeah, somewhere in here, Levi and his friend Chris met up with the mall, that was it), more hanging out, and then I went home. And realized on my driveway that I'd left my &*%$ing pillows at Alex's hotel room...good thing Logan wasn't home so I could use his!

The only bad part of the weekend was that I woke up this morning to a voicemail from Alex saying she'd already left. But it was totally understandable, one of her friends is in the hospital. At least we didn't have to do the teary goodbye, I know I would have bawled like a baby haha.

So now I'm sitting here feeling the most content I have in a while, listening to some great music (I think I'm going to have to buy the Towers of London CD), and contemplating that I don't really want to go to school tomorrow. At least by then my eyeshadow and grommet tape should be in (I have some really great shirt ideas waiting to be made).

Heath is leaving Journey's, and that makes me really really sad. I'm not as upset as I was at first...he's promised that we'll still talk and hang out and stuff. Heath and Amy really are more than just managers to me...I love 'em to death (and always end up asking them for advice too). so it means a lot to me that we'll still hang out. There's not very many people I'm going to miss when I move to Springfield, and those two are definitely on the list. (which, btw, I really can't wait to move haha).

Here's some random pictures from this weekend, for your entertainment:

the only picture of me making a dorky face I've ever seen and liked haha. These are all off Alex's camera...I'm sure Alicia's got a lot more I might end up posting later.

And I was afraid there might be some awkwardness with Alex coming back since we hadn't seen her in so long. But nope, it was (to use an extreme cliche) JUST like old times. Better, even. I'm gonna miss her 'til she comes back up here.

oh yeah, and I need to call Cory about getting a touch-up on my tattoo. *makes note*

there's my a really, really big nutshell. a mutant walnut nutshell.

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