Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm annoyed. I had just started taking pictures of all those blasted things I'm going to sell on eBay and my camera died. BAH. And there weren't any more charged batteries, so I'll just have to continue tomorrow. le sigh.

I had fun at prom and looked totally hot. Pictures later, I have them and have them uploaded but I'm just too lazy right now haha.

Oh yes, I've now hit my second post on my new blog, D.I.Y. or DIE. I'm sure it's probably not most of you peoples' cup o'tea, but I think I should have fun with it anyways. If nothing else, at least there will be ONE site on the internet with crochet patterns I'll wear!

Debate of the month (or week, at least) is whether I want to get an apartment further from the college, and cheaper, and drive, or one closer, and walk, and save on gas money. Bearing in mind that I'll probably be driving any day it's cold. I think I might just go for one within a 5 minute drive...I dunno. I need to get up there sometime this month and look at them.

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