Wednesday, April 25, 2007

so I'm in the middle of what will probably be a massively long PIA undertaking, hereby referred to as

Michelle is going through everything she owns and getting rid of a lot of it in prep for moving out and also because she's really, REALLY broke.

(I'm putting it up on eBay, and then whatever doesn't sell goes to Goodwill)

So far I've got one pair of shoes, watercolor and gouache paints, a pair of (never worn, thankyouverymuch) socks, a huge stack of books and magazines, and an mp3 player. I think all that's left is to go through the rest of my shoes and my clothes (and my massive trunk of various skirts and magazines and who knows what else). oh yeah, and some yarn.

I think I might just be being overly neurotic, but the main thought hovering over my head this week so far (along with 'man, I need to make a clutch to match my prom dress') is 'what if I move out and FAIL MISERABLY?!'. So I've been reading like, every article I can find on living cheap and making mental notes. I need to save a lot before I move out. I need to be prepared to walk a lot to save gas money, haha. I'm planning on making everything that I can, that I'll need for my new apartment. so far, I have dishcloths and blankets on the list - I'm used to sleeping with a LOT of them, and my current quilt is falling apart, and the other one I'll probably leave at home since it was hand-stitched (bejeezus, the patience that must've been required!) by my great-grandma on my mom's side and I'm afraid I'll like, destroy it somehow. Plus I somehow feel that I should have new bedding. I dunno. Anyways, so far I'm thinking a starghan in all these multicolored wool yarns I have, if I have enough (I'll do inventory and take a guess later). It's Moda Dea...err...Cache? I picked up a TON of it on clearance, and like how it looks worked up, but don't really have any ideas for clothing or anything. So I'll just do a big multicolored starghan. And then, I'm going to do a lighter blanket too - haven't decided if that'll be sewn or crocheted. There's the Color Bay afghan I've been thinking of for a while in the Happy Hooker, but the pattern is given in LB Wool-Ease (which I'm not a fan of) and I dunno if I could be arsed converting to colors in cotton. Sure would be pretty cheap to make, though. So maybe I'll make that afghan and then do another one AND my starghan haha! (the other afghan would be a Clash one. somehow, this strikes me as the COOLEST thing ever even though I'm probably waaay too lazy to come up with a graph for it). Yes, I'm a dork.

I think all of this stress is because of that stupid economics assignment of coming up with a budget. Or maybe it's transferred from prom or something, or other issues. haha.

I have so many t-shirt recons I want to do...sigh...after the ebay/goodwill project! I think Sunday will be the Day of Mass Listing.

I <3 postsecret:

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Anonymous .ck. said...

hi mishee! happy to see you blogging again. I want to try this idea but first I need free time nar... I know what you mean about the fear of failing miserably, and trying to figure out how to live while at school... even though I guess I have it pretty good, I don't want to get distracted by working 20-30 hours a week and never being able to come home... hmm yeah. Okay, the end. I like the pictures of your stuff that you put on your profile...

2:45 PM


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