Wednesday, June 06, 2007

my little brother is amazing. haha. earlier, we went to the post office and then to Hardee's to use the wifi, the entire way there, we're talking and stuff. He's listening to my music and starts randomly pumping his fists, except he's holding up peace signs, and then he stops and goes, "oh, I guess I shouldn't do that, I should do THIS" *he makes the rock symbol thing with his hands and starts pumping them again* "since you listen to punk rock and not hippie rock." Then later he randomly tells me he really wants liberty spikes and asks if I can do them for him, he said he wanted to do them on the first day of school next year. And he starts asking me where ska came from. Then he was talking about how he was going to cut up a band hoodie so that he could wear it year-round instead of just in winter. He randomly starts talking about how Jack Black makes him laugh, somewhere in there.


I'm proud of myself. So far, I'm actually sticking to my goals. I'm ALMOST done with the purse, I listed the things on the destash blog and sold all but one of them already, hopefully, I will finish the purse tomorrow and then do my X-Ray Spex shirt, after that, comes the jacket and clothes for my etsy store. I'm doing...not so much a rehaul, but I think from now on, I'm probably going to be making things *I* like instead of just random ideas. Maybe that will make it easier to stay motivated. I'm even ripping up some jeans right now for a rag rug(that's not the whole idea, just part of it) to list. My dad's face was priceless, he walks in as I'm cutting the top from the bottom (separating the legs of the jeans from the rest of the jeans), and is giving me this look like...I I'm peeing in the holy grail or something. I'm like "they're my jeans!" "yeah but they aren't jeans any more" "that's because I'm cutting them, silly".

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