Sunday, June 03, 2007

ohh yeah, I have a blog don't I? haha. to blog about. I got in a car wreck last Wednesday, it sucked hardcore and my neck is still a little stiff because of it. We need a new car now. Maybe my mom and I should never ride together in a car again....

I *just* finished ripping all of my CDs on to my know...the ones I bought like 3 months ago. heh, and now I have some 3 or so comps from Hastings that I haven't ripped yet. AND at some point I need to start putting all of this on to my laptop. Maybe then I can burn a mix cd without putting fifty in our cd-drive, since something about the drivers are all messed up.

This guy came in yesterday Journey's that was HILARIOUS. He walked in the store and immediately starts singing at the top of his lungs. Very, very loudly. And his friend was obviously embarrassed by this - "yeah, he's a singer". Singing guy (by the name of Mathew) was telling Amy how his 'indie-alternative' band has signed to a record label. He was also flirting with me hardcore. It was pretty funny, I laughed.

I went by Shake's today to get my check and ask when I worked this week - there's like three managers there, and one of them had told me that I worked 5-10 yesterday. But I wasn't on the schedule for this week at all. So, Mary tells me that I can call Amy tomorrow and get that sorted out, and asked when I was moving again - I told her that the last week I should be on the schedule would probably be the last week in June or the first week in July. After this I leave, go run some other errands, and then go to the mall to talk to Amy about something, and I get a phone call. It's Mary, and she's like "well, if you don't have a problem with it, we're just not going to put you back on the schedule since you're leaving so soon and it's hardly worth the trouble."

haha, I got let go! Oh well. Now I have real incentive to start working on my etsy shop. At the very least, I have one plain jacket that just needs stencilled on, one jacket that needs dyed and then stencilled on, and some destashing of yarn to do. That should all be relatively painless to list. And then dig through all of my thrifted clothes I have laying around and start working on those too. And at some point, I need to bag up a ton of stuff and send it off to goodwill. AND properly clean my room, since it'll probably be a pain to move everything if it's all messy. blah. So, my to-do list for this week:

-list destash yarn, whether on etsy or the destash blog, whatever
-list jacket
-finish x-ray spex shirt, for me
-finish rainbow messenger bag that is taking FOR FREAKING EVER, special order
-get extra crap to goodwill.

Maybe if I have a list that'll make it easier to get it all done. baby steps...

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