Sunday, June 10, 2007

So, I have decided that a. this is the Purse From Hell, it used to live in hell, until I gave it form, and now it just haunts me, and b. once I finish the Purse From Hell, I think I will have a sewing day or two for ME, before I start working on etsy things. I NEED a sewing day for me! I have let's see...still have the X-Ray Spex shirt, a pink shirt I'm going to remake/stencil, some hot pink jeans to peg, the pirates of the blood drive shirt from a while ago, probably another shirt from a while ago, a zebra print skirt to make (that will be COOL - all I need is for the grommet tape and etc. that I ordered to come in the mail), and now, a dress(out of an XXL men's t-shirt I got on sale today). See, I got these aweeeesome boots:

and they also came with the holy grail of samples:

of which my dad totally missed the point on - I was talking to him about how much free stuff the seller(it was a store) included, and he looks at it, and goes "man, what a weirdo".

Ok dad. Point is here, you are here. NOT THE SAME PLACE.

anyways, I looooove them, but they don't look very good with jeans. Much better with skirts. and I don't own very many skirts I wear willingly. My solution? Obviously, Michelle needs more cool skirts and dresses. Which means Michelle is going to be making some! Which goes back to the aforementioned sewing day.

Also, I still need to actually clean everything, and get all that crap to goodwill.

I ordered the hair dye on Friday! I'm doing my bangs, the side bits, and some random streaks/chunks on top. I might do some color in the back, but I haven't decided yet. It's going to be a mix of this color and this color. I LOVE the color that Virgin Rose is, before it fades to a hot pink (not that, y'know, I have any issues with hot pink either), so I'm going to do about a 3:1 ratio of that and Pimpin' Purple, in hopes of keeping it magenta a little longer. Either way, it should last ages, and hopefully will look kickass. *excited* I'll post pictures...and hopefully, very soon after the sewing day and the hair color, I will have a photo shoot with Aliciakins. yay!

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