Tuesday, July 17, 2007

yayyyy I remembered my blogger password without having to have an email sent. sweet action.

I have a window in my room. this is something that has never happened before. and HOLY CRAP I did not know the sun was THAT bright at eight in the morning. ouch. I couldn't sleep last night so I didn't get to sleep until around 2:30 and then I woke up because of the aforementioned brightness...then my mom called and woke me up for good. sigh.

Last night I had painted our shower curtain (pictures later, it was plain pink, now it's pink splattered with black fabric paint, looks freakin' sweet)...I tried to go to sleep around one but since I just couldn't manage it, I get up and wander to the kitchen where Alicia is still washing dishes. I sit down on the kitchen floor without saying anything and start picking at the fabric paint that got on it earlier...she turns around and goes "you know, it's a good thing we're living with each other and not anyone else, because anyone else would probably turn either of us in right now." haha...

I have an interview at Hot Topic today, heck yes! I'm excited. I hope I get the job. if not, there's at least one other place in the mall that I'm going to apply at.

I had the absolute CUTEST thing happen the other day(last...Thursday) though. I seriously almost died. I was in the food court talking to some friends, with Coni (she has hot pink hair), and this lady walks up to us with her little girl like...hiding behind her. She goes "Can I talk to you girls for a second?" and we're like "uh...okay" thinking she's going to chew us out or something...she pulls us aside and goes "My daughter is EXTREMELY shy, she wanted me to tell you that she loves you ladies' hair. But she thinks anyone with hair as cool as yours' must be a rock star, so she wanted me to get your autograph for her."

IT WAS ADORABLE. So we signed a little notebook for the little girl and we were talking to the lady, she said that she was really big on being your own person and that her daughter had seen pictures of her when she was younger with funky-colored hair, she thought the 'star' thing was because she used to work for a drama company and there was a guy with bright blue liberty spikes, and that was how her daughter got the idea. So freakin' cute. (and what a cool mom! seriously!)

hmmm yeah. back to trying to find a comb so I can shower, and sticky-taking up posters. it's kind of funny, actually...something I never realized until today is that out of all my decor (hah, by which I mean posters and the like), I only paid for 2 of them and those are both movie posters. seven or eight of them are my artwork, one or two is Seaira's artwork, one of them I found by the dumpster one night after work (it's perfectly clean, it was a halloween promo poster from like gamestop or something), two came with cds, and the rest are ripped or cut out of magazines or newspapers (or calvin and hobbes comics that I printed off and cut out). interesting...

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