Wednesday, August 01, 2007

pictures from Saturday:

(this is my new hair. I swear it doesn't look as washed out in person as it does in this picture. I'll have more pictures up tomorrow or later but I'm just too tired right now)

oh hell. I'm waiting for a CD to rip so I might as well post some more pictures of my hair:

I really like it...except that the turquoise is already fading. WTF? I don't know. I certainly don't have the money for more hair dye. so I'll probably keep redying it turquoise 'til I run out of that...and then maybe do purple purple where the turquoise is, instead of the fuchsia it was before. because I have almost an entire bottle of pimpin purple left...and while I LOVE the neon of atomic pink and napalm orange by my face...I don't have the money to buy a whole bottle of atomic pink, and I think the darker colors look better on me. I think there's something with my hair and SFX dyes that makes it lighter on my hair than on others...because it seems like nothing takes on my hair as dark as it is on everyone elses. even atomic pink, which was like, a BLINDING dark pink on Coni (more pictures later, as I said) is a bright much lighter pink on my chunks. But even though it's stays in there FOREVER...when I bleached my hair out, the only color that was left was an iridescent purpley-blue on the ends. which was the blue haired freak from over a month ago, that was hiding under the dark blue dye. waiting. watching. haha. but yeah. irritating!

as I said...much more, including rants and rambles, to come later, when I'm not quite so lazy about the typing, but now, bed!

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