Sunday, August 05, 2007

so no wonder Alicia's parents don't like me. I crawl out of bed rather late, knowing that Alicia had come back, and stagger by the bathroom to say hi. I thought it was just Alicia, imagine my shock when I see Amy "Holy shit! there's two of 'em!........andddd your mom". all in my bathroom.

whoops. >_<

so we went to the zoo last week, and the sun faded my hair to CRAP. I redyed it and this is the result:

I now have literally at least one shade of every color of the rainbow on my head. :D

I got that blue (the one on the majority of my head) by mixing some dye up that was roughly half fishbowl, a quarter SPLAT dye, and a quarter Blue Haired Freak. It's doing great so far - a nice bright blue, not the dark turquoise I was going for, but it works! It's not fading yet either.

I spent Thursday night up in Joplin. It was fun. I never thought I'd be counting down the days for classes to start - but I have nothingggggg to do!

I had two funny things happen at work last night though - one, I was greeting people, and I asked a group of maybe 2-3 girls how they were doing, I guess they didn't look at me until they replied, because the girl was kind of like "oh, I'm fine, how are...OH MY GOD I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!". I don't think I've ever had anyone yell quite like that.

the other thing was sooooooo cute I just about died. I could hear this baby crying and the sound of that drives me insane, so I thought I'd wander over there to see what was making him cry...he was, I think his mom said, fifteen months old, and as soon as I stuck my head around the corner to see why he was crying, he IMMEDIATELY stopped crying and started smiling at me and giggling. so I stood there and talked to him for a bit, just 'cause he was sooooo adorable. he did the same thing about twenty minutes later when he was crying at the register. his mom was like "I'm just gonna leave him by you next time I come in here!". haha.

and someone said I look like Rainbow Brite, I keep getting that and it makes me happy every time!!

there's a skating party from like, 8:00 to 9:30 I think for HT employees...I'm dorky excited. it's almost like having friends. hahaha.

but yeah, I think I'm done here. I'm going to go eat lunch and then attempt to make our apartment smell nice and be at least semi-clean.

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Anonymous leo said...

Your hair looks awesome.

5:21 PM


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