Monday, July 23, 2007

So I wake up (after a marathon of Harry Potter - more on that later) and I'm like "Hmm. Pancakes sound good. I'm making PANCAKES!" and I even asked Alicia (who is still in bed, the layabout) if she wanted any. La la la, make pancake mix, grease the pan, and the first two fall apart HORRIBLY. (I don't know why)

Screw this. I'm making POPTARTS!

But yeah. Friday was really up and down. I went in for a second interview at Hot Topic and later found out I got the job, wooooooo-hooooo! And after the interview I was hanging out around the mall some with Steven, this guy I met at orientation. I hope he doesn't get any ideas...he's nice enough, but I always have issues with being able to tell if people are just being friendly or if they're interested, and I'm not interested. In some really, really weird way (dunno if it's because they both look kind of alike - long dark hair, tall skinny guys, or something about his mannerisms) he reminds me of Spencer (that'd be my ex-boyfriend, for those of us just tuning in. my whiny, bipolar ex-boyfriend that I can be friends with but why god did I date him). And...yeah. weiiiiiiird. I also got in a fender-bender, which sucked so hard. It was later that night...I'd stopped at a stop-light, and looked over my left shoulder to see who was in that lane, and I don't know if my foot slipped off the brakes or what, but I rolled forward about 3 ft and tapped the van in front of me. We both pull off in a parking lot, and the ladies (who were really very nice considering), were like "Oh, we're so sorry, we wouldn't call this in, but this is the school van so we have to file an accident report."


Their van had small scratch on it. Blah. We (being me, Jess, and Kelton) ended up walking around downtown for an hour or two, and it was awesome. It's nice living someplace with a real downtown now. I was kind of trying to get the other two to shut up, they sounded like tourists or something - "WOW! LOOK AT ALL THESE PEOPLE!" over and over again. I think it's funny, seeing as how Jessica was the one that was supposedly moving to San Diego a while ago...riiiiight...

Saturday kind of sucked too, except for eating lunch with Heath at Olive Garden. I was later than I intended to be to the show that night, and I didn't end up staying long enough for it to be worth the five dollars, plus a few people showed up that I really don't like. So I was like 'screw this, I'm just going home'. I did get to see my siblingly and familial types though. It's weird, I miss our dogs more than I thought I would. I picked up the seventh HP book at Target, since are all lying scumbags. Delivered on the day of release, my ass. I better get my money back.

Yesterday was much, much better. I woke up and went to my first day of work, which was more training than anything else and didn't involve actually getting to help customers at all. Oh well. I think it'll be a fun enough job, my next day is Wednesday, then Saturday - which sucks, because I'm scheduled 4-8 and I was supposed to help Mr. T out with the book signing. I'll be in Joplin Saturday anyways, because Coni and I are having a hair dying party (oh yeah, Steven too, he's doing neon green streaks, Coni's redoing hot pink, and I'm doing Fishbowl by SFX - so it'll be a lighter brighter turquoise blue instead of the darker blue I have now), so I'm going to pick her up Friday afternoon and then she'll spend the night, and then I'll take her home the next morning, and probably get to be at the signing for about an hour.

Which, speaking of the signing, YOU SHOULD ALL GO. I mean, how amazing would it be to meet me in the flesh. Oh yeah, and there's this book thing that you can buy also.


Anyways, after work, I came home around one and started reading Deathly Hallows. Read until about five when Heath showed up with a futon and a desk (now my sewing machine table!) that he oh-so-nicely gave me. We got it all carried up, and then we went to the mall (he wanted to buy an iPhone), I ended up getting two pairs of clearance shoes with my discount, and then we drove around some...ate at Nonna's, which is sooooo gooooood, as I've mentioned before. Went back to the apartment and he helped me get the futon and sewing machine table all set up, I made quite a bit of progress on the bits of my room that had, until then, remained stubbornly in boxes. Turns out, even with the hangers I ganked from home, and then ten pack I bought, I still need more. And I should probably get a little shelf-organizer thing for my sewing machine desk. And a stool for it. But most of that is probably going to have to wait a while. Except for the hangers, because I need my clothes hung up.

Heath left around 10:30, after some you-tubing (I LOVE OUR WIFI, even if it crapped out a few times) and some help with the hanging of posters and etc. as well. I read HP straight until about 2:30 when I finished it and then I went to bed (and had really, really weird dreams). I was...I dunno. it's weird that it's all over. I've been reading Harry Potter since I was like, 11-12. But I'm satisfied with the ending.

and then a few hours ago I woke up and here we are! good story I know.

And Alicia's still in bed. I should get a little squirt-water bottle for occasions like this.

Oh wait, she just rose and shone. Never mind. But I might get a squirt-bottle anyways. Just in case.

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