Tuesday, July 24, 2007

haha, I'm going through my stuff and I keep finding old OLD journals and notes and everything else. Man, I'm such a pack rat. I had to laugh because I found this journal entry in my 2nd grade journal(complete with spelling and grammatical errors!):

Feb. 6th 1997

If I could change the world, I would....

give homes to the homless people. There would be no viruses or diseases. The poor people would be rich and would have food. Rocks would be candy and grass would be icing. Light posts would be candy canes and pencils would be chcolate cake with icing. Dirt would be sugar and sand would be candy hearts. Chalk would be mint and paper would be chcolate Taste Tatoins.

...ah, I was such a cute little idealist. WTF is a Taste Tatoin?

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Anonymous .ck. said...

You remind me of an 8-year old version of this song.


2:57 PM

Anonymous leo said...

It's amazing how many of us were so idealistic and set to change the world when we were younger. What happened in those ten years to change that?

4:35 PM


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