Friday, April 20, 2007

my prom dress just tried to kill me.

So I'm working on the top, I found a tutorial on craftster that helped a LOT. since my method was getting me nowhere and I ran out of fabric last night from multiple attempts. I went to Wal-Mart and turns out they've removed their fabric section, so I had to get red satin from Hobby Lobby which didn't match the old satin, so I had to start from scratch. I also found some hot pink cotton yarn on sale which made me happy :)

Anyways, back to the attempted murder.

This new method of making the top involves cutting out two shapes that fit the shape of your body. I did so, blah blah blah, added the corset lacing in the back, and go to try it on. Now, I have a rather hour-glass-ish shape. So I get the top over my head, and I guess I didn't leave the corset lacing loose enough, because it gets STUCK. Very, very firmly stuck right above my boobs. I'm left with my arms up in the air, home alone, no shirt on, can't get it up or down, and just about panicked. If I wasn't double jointed I'd probably still be stuck that way haha, I just managed to reach the lacing in the back and loosen it up some so that I could get it properly on.

So far so good, I just need to add a trim around the neckline, add the halter strap, and then actually sew the top and bottom together. After that, a simple tulle underskirt and I AM DONE YAY.

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Anonymous casey said...

found a few websites you might like:

i saw them and thought "vegan would digg these"

2:56 PM

Blogger Michelle said...

sweeeeet! thanks Casey!

9:27 PM


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