Wednesday, April 18, 2007

so my friend (the same friend that gives me crap all the time about crochet being 'old lady like' and etc.) today randomly picks up my Crochet! magazine (without asking, another pet peeve of mine) and starts flipping through it, commenting constantly on how 'skanky' the models look. I'm like, dude, wtf, it's certainly not any worse than anything you'd see in Seventeen - OH GODS A NAVEL RING!! - and then she finds a picture of this hideous, hideous trench-coat length jacket made out of varying motifs in bright clashing colors all stitched together with black. (note: this is coming from someone who normally likes the effect of day-glo colors with black. but it was just too much, it was REALLY ugly) And is like "Hey, I like that. Will you make something like that for me?"

Yes, of course! Because after you insulted every CUTE pattern in my magazine(and have spent the last six months telling me I'm such an old lady), I would love to spend hours of my time working for less than minimum wage to make an awful concoction that looks like hippy barf. No, really! *eyeroll*

I'm done with the skirt of my prom dress and about half of the top. I have the underbust pieces cut out(and one set sewn together - I'm doubling the fabric up since it's a little sheer), but I still have to do the top part of the halter, the neck of the halter, and the lace trimming/grommet tape. Not bad for only working off and on since like 4:30 or 5. Yeah, I rock. haha.

I am...probably eventually going to blog something about the V Tech stuff...but I don't even know what to say. It's just so...tragic and depressing. :(

I can't wait to get out of school. I'm rediscovering why I used to read so much - when you read, people generally don't bother you. There's always that one person or two that's like "Oh, even though they are VERY OBVIOUSLY engrossed in their reading, I will pester them with petty questions...botherbotherbother" but for the most part people get the hint.

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