Monday, April 23, 2007

so Mr. Withers said one of the few things in his teaching career that has annoyed me today...usually I get along really well with him, but today we're talking about stuff that makes you an adult...people mention things like voting, getting a car, getting a job, etc. and I jokingly call out "getting tattoos!" and he's like "uh, yeah, that's up there with getting trashed every weekend".

WTF?! yes, because everyone who has a tattoo is obviously just trying to rebel and got some permanent art on their body FOR THAT REASON ONLY, and we're all immature people who go out and get trashed every weekend too. I was like "Uh, excuse me, I have a tattoo, whatcha trying to say here Mr. Withers?" and he...I sidetracked or something. Didn't address it anyways, but that got under my skin hardcore.

Oh, and I thought this was interesting - something I found in this month's BUST magazine (I really think I might subscribe to it and Venus...I'm not much big on the music in either, but they both have great other sections, and Venus has a great DIY kinda feeling to it). For the long story, click here. Basically, this chick who'd been in the air force (was a sergeant) for 13 years was severely punished for posing in Playboy. Which is pretty dumb anyways, why are people supposed to be ashamed of their bodies? Is posing naked such an issue of 'integrity'? Get over it people. Something like this would only happen in America. Makes me wonder if any male armed-forces members have posed naked and what their punishment for it was. Anyways, the REALLY interesting thing about it is that, as BUST points out..."a 2006 AP investigation showed that more than 80 military recruiters were disciplined that year for sexual misconduct (including rape, assault, and groping) towards potential enlistees. . .many were reprimanded, docked pay, or had their rank reduced as a result, few were relived of their duties."

Right. So sexual assault is better than nekkie pictures. F-that. Interestingly enough, the top results on google are just links to the pictures instead of anything about that incident.

You know why shit like that happens? 'cause it's men who run it. I mean, maybe that's...a bad thing to say, I guess, but I'm firmly convinced that that's why rape doesn't get a stronger sentence. Because the men who are in office are assholes who don't give a rip. *shrugs*

And now my dad's trying to tell me that the magazine is 'skanky'. wtfever.

I mean, you know, it's just...dumb. People say there's no need for feminism but stuff like that happens (actually, I think this essay is pretty interesting - I'm not done with it yet so maybe I'll change my mind though) which kind of proves there is. And it would be nice for girls to have some GIRL role models. Nothing wrong with having male ones (Thoreau, Joe Strummer, Fat Mike are some of mine), but it's hard to find girls to look up to. What have little girls today got, Paris Hilton? yeah, let's get trashed, insult people based on their income, giggle a lot, and then talk about how we're an important role model for young heiresses everywhere. blah.

Not that I don't have my women role models - Vivienne Westwood, Exene Cervenka, Penelope al. Maybe I just have a harder time because I tend to look towards 'alternative' people anyways, and for all the supposed acceptingness of alt subcultures, they have their sexisms too. I just wish there was more focus on women in history too.

I think I had other stuff I was going to write about and I just got annoyed. So I forgot. Haha.

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Blogger Andrew Ironwood said...

I don't see it explicitly referenced in that particular Playboy story, but there've been prior such instances (a police officer and a flight attendant, IIRC) where the primary arguement against the women was something along the lines of, "If they hadn't worn all or part of their official uniform in the shoot, it wouldn't have been an issue" (which is still a bit weaselly, of course of course, but if there's any documentation on that being a known rule in the organization in question, then...)

[NOTE FOR THE RECORD: Not An Official Apologist For The Male Hierarchy...]

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