Saturday, April 21, 2007

I am angry.

So the flyers for the show tonight all said 7:30. I get there at 7:45 and there's no sign of anyone even setting up. Me and Jess are like, yeah, okay, whatever, we hang around...nobody even goes on stage until 8:30. No biggie, right?

They play for 30 minutes, they weren't particularly impressive. I mean...technically they sounded good, but they didn't really have a great live vibe. And then they get off the stage around nine or a little bit after. The next band didn't get on the stage until after right after ten freaking thirty! What the hell is that?! it doesn't take an hour and a half to set up the stage!!! So I ended up leaving before they were even done, because I was tired and had to be home around 11:30. I didn't even get to see the two paids I paid freakin' money to see, and I sat there for 3 1/2 hours to see two thirty minute sets of crappy bands. Not to mention the cigarette smoke was bad enough that my throat's going to be sore for days. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

The good news is that I put my eyeshadow on at 8:30 this morning and it still looked fine until I washed it out 15 minutes ago. That's 15 hours! a record!

Anyways. The book signing went pretty well; it wasn't as big as the Small Town News one, but we figured that that was because STN was about actual events and DM wasn't. It was good fun anyways, hanging around and talking to people, except for this one guy at the end who was pretty rude. Started asking Mr. Turner if he walked with Jesus and yada yada...and I just...I mean, I know most people like that have the best intentions, but for crying out loud, you wouldn't walk up to someone and go "Hey, so what sexual orientation are you? Really, and how many partners have you had? Any STDs?" why would you ask them about something just as personal. Especially someone you DON'T KNOW. Sheesh. Mr. T handled it better than I would have anyways.

I think I'm a magazine addict...the list of magazines I buy on a semi-regular basis is now:
AMP (still subscribed, but I definitely won't be renewing my subscription, they've gone way downhill)
Crochet Today

Sheesh. and yes, this is relevant - I bought the newest issues of Venus and Bust today. I think I might subscribe to at least one of them once I have the money...Bust is a good all-around thing, most of the time, and I *love* Venus even though I'm not big on their music picks...they have a decent DIY section. I need to subscribe to Nylon sometime too...but I think their yearly subscription is only $10 (which is a damn good buy considering as how it's like $4 in stores, it comes out either every month or every other month). And Razorcake. Haha. So yeah, everyone, if you want to buy me birthday presents...right there, baby.

I also bought Walden. Something I've been meaning to do for a while. Plus I'm sure I'll feel all totally philosophical and deep carrying it around, haha.

And I REALLY want this book called Fresh Fruits that's basically like 200ish pages of photographs of Japanese street fashion...I flipped through it and it would be GREAT for inspiration. It was like $30 at Hastings but it's only $20 at maybe I can find a copy at or ebay. *makes note to check*

I'm starting a new blog, first post should be today or tomorrow. It's a crafty-type blog...but more just how to make the stuff I do (not exactly patterns, as I don't write it down stitch by stitch or anything, but more like...instructions, tips/tricks, etc.) than my crafty exploits. Like I was telling Alicia and Mr. T, I think part of the reason I massively failed at Unwise and Untimely is because my...politics and craftiness and just life are all mixed together, and if I try and separate them I don't have enough to write about any of them. 'Cause they're like spaghetti. Or alfredo. All with the twisty tangliness.

Which is part of the problem I'm having with Wardrobe Refashion, when I go to do my weekly blog post, I just...can't come up with anything. Partly because I picked a REALLY bad time to do this - SO BUSY - and don't have as much time for crafting, and partly because of the aforementioned reason.

But yeah. Tired. So bed. Night!

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