Monday, March 03, 2008

Saturday night I'm cashiering and this little boy, probably, I dunno, 8-10 years old, comes through my line, with 2 of his siblings and (I'm assuming) step-mom (he was referring to her as Nicole). The little boy was talking about how with his new crayons he was going to draw a picture that showed how much he loved daddy and Nicole and Bailey and his other siblings, and I was like "awww that's sweet! How nice of you." "Yeah, but Bailey died a while ago. She had been with us since she was a baby and she was 11 years old." His stepmom said something about it was his adopted sister, and I'm sitting here like holy crap what am I supposed to say?! I just said "wow, I'm really sorry!" "oh, it's okay. Even though she's not with us any more I know she'll always be in my heart and smiling down at me from the sky above." It was SAD. And his stepmom said "He's REALLY sensitive."

So the next morning I'm relaying this story to another cashier, someone who goes to school with Ashley, and she said "Well I'd be sensitive if my sister just died too! Even if she was adopted!"


No school today because Sharon's grandbaby is being born! Woo for sleeping in.

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