Sunday, June 10, 2007

So, I have decided that a. this is the Purse From Hell, it used to live in hell, until I gave it form, and now it just haunts me, and b. once I finish the Purse From Hell, I think I will have a sewing day or two for ME, before I start working on etsy things. I NEED a sewing day for me! I have let's see...still have the X-Ray Spex shirt, a pink shirt I'm going to remake/stencil, some hot pink jeans to peg, the pirates of the blood drive shirt from a while ago, probably another shirt from a while ago, a zebra print skirt to make (that will be COOL - all I need is for the grommet tape and etc. that I ordered to come in the mail), and now, a dress(out of an XXL men's t-shirt I got on sale today). See, I got these aweeeesome boots:

and they also came with the holy grail of samples:

of which my dad totally missed the point on - I was talking to him about how much free stuff the seller(it was a store) included, and he looks at it, and goes "man, what a weirdo".

Ok dad. Point is here, you are here. NOT THE SAME PLACE.

anyways, I looooove them, but they don't look very good with jeans. Much better with skirts. and I don't own very many skirts I wear willingly. My solution? Obviously, Michelle needs more cool skirts and dresses. Which means Michelle is going to be making some! Which goes back to the aforementioned sewing day.

Also, I still need to actually clean everything, and get all that crap to goodwill.

I ordered the hair dye on Friday! I'm doing my bangs, the side bits, and some random streaks/chunks on top. I might do some color in the back, but I haven't decided yet. It's going to be a mix of this color and this color. I LOVE the color that Virgin Rose is, before it fades to a hot pink (not that, y'know, I have any issues with hot pink either), so I'm going to do about a 3:1 ratio of that and Pimpin' Purple, in hopes of keeping it magenta a little longer. Either way, it should last ages, and hopefully will look kickass. *excited* I'll post pictures...and hopefully, very soon after the sewing day and the hair color, I will have a photo shoot with Aliciakins. yay!

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

my little brother is amazing. haha. earlier, we went to the post office and then to Hardee's to use the wifi, the entire way there, we're talking and stuff. He's listening to my music and starts randomly pumping his fists, except he's holding up peace signs, and then he stops and goes, "oh, I guess I shouldn't do that, I should do THIS" *he makes the rock symbol thing with his hands and starts pumping them again* "since you listen to punk rock and not hippie rock." Then later he randomly tells me he really wants liberty spikes and asks if I can do them for him, he said he wanted to do them on the first day of school next year. And he starts asking me where ska came from. Then he was talking about how he was going to cut up a band hoodie so that he could wear it year-round instead of just in winter. He randomly starts talking about how Jack Black makes him laugh, somewhere in there.


I'm proud of myself. So far, I'm actually sticking to my goals. I'm ALMOST done with the purse, I listed the things on the destash blog and sold all but one of them already, hopefully, I will finish the purse tomorrow and then do my X-Ray Spex shirt, after that, comes the jacket and clothes for my etsy store. I'm doing...not so much a rehaul, but I think from now on, I'm probably going to be making things *I* like instead of just random ideas. Maybe that will make it easier to stay motivated. I'm even ripping up some jeans right now for a rag rug(that's not the whole idea, just part of it) to list. My dad's face was priceless, he walks in as I'm cutting the top from the bottom (separating the legs of the jeans from the rest of the jeans), and is giving me this look like...I I'm peeing in the holy grail or something. I'm like "they're my jeans!" "yeah but they aren't jeans any more" "that's because I'm cutting them, silly".

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

ohh yeah, I have a blog don't I? haha. to blog about. I got in a car wreck last Wednesday, it sucked hardcore and my neck is still a little stiff because of it. We need a new car now. Maybe my mom and I should never ride together in a car again....

I *just* finished ripping all of my CDs on to my know...the ones I bought like 3 months ago. heh, and now I have some 3 or so comps from Hastings that I haven't ripped yet. AND at some point I need to start putting all of this on to my laptop. Maybe then I can burn a mix cd without putting fifty in our cd-drive, since something about the drivers are all messed up.

This guy came in yesterday Journey's that was HILARIOUS. He walked in the store and immediately starts singing at the top of his lungs. Very, very loudly. And his friend was obviously embarrassed by this - "yeah, he's a singer". Singing guy (by the name of Mathew) was telling Amy how his 'indie-alternative' band has signed to a record label. He was also flirting with me hardcore. It was pretty funny, I laughed.

I went by Shake's today to get my check and ask when I worked this week - there's like three managers there, and one of them had told me that I worked 5-10 yesterday. But I wasn't on the schedule for this week at all. So, Mary tells me that I can call Amy tomorrow and get that sorted out, and asked when I was moving again - I told her that the last week I should be on the schedule would probably be the last week in June or the first week in July. After this I leave, go run some other errands, and then go to the mall to talk to Amy about something, and I get a phone call. It's Mary, and she's like "well, if you don't have a problem with it, we're just not going to put you back on the schedule since you're leaving so soon and it's hardly worth the trouble."

haha, I got let go! Oh well. Now I have real incentive to start working on my etsy shop. At the very least, I have one plain jacket that just needs stencilled on, one jacket that needs dyed and then stencilled on, and some destashing of yarn to do. That should all be relatively painless to list. And then dig through all of my thrifted clothes I have laying around and start working on those too. And at some point, I need to bag up a ton of stuff and send it off to goodwill. AND properly clean my room, since it'll probably be a pain to move everything if it's all messy. blah. So, my to-do list for this week:

-list destash yarn, whether on etsy or the destash blog, whatever
-list jacket
-finish x-ray spex shirt, for me
-finish rainbow messenger bag that is taking FOR FREAKING EVER, special order
-get extra crap to goodwill.

Maybe if I have a list that'll make it easier to get it all done. baby steps...

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