Monday, October 29, 2007


since Thursday, I have applied at nine places (seven of those were today)

Sephora, Starbucks, Panera, some sampling business, some merchandising place, Best Buy, Kaldi's (local coffeehouse), Best Western, and another hotel that I forgot the name of.

I reeeeeally want the job at Sephora. that would be amazing and good experience to have and I bet it pays decent.

And I think a front desk job at a hotel would be convenient, since that's a 24 hour deal. Probably wouldn't be too hard to work around my college hours anyways, and I normally stay up pretty late so. Maybe I could manage to do all three...if I got the Sephora job and hotel job, I'd actually probably quit HT. It wouldn't be worth the hassle I think, and a few of the people there have been really rude to me.

Buuuuut Sephora and Starbucks both did the 'we're going to review applications and then call those people who match our criteria' line when I called back on my apps, so there's a decent chance I'll never hear from either of them. (Maybe Sephora. since I have a good sales/retail background.)

The last week and a half or so I have been having AWFUL mood swings. We're talking, I've burst into tears 3-4 times, I'll get either raging pissed off or extremely frustrated, and an hour or two later I'm FINE. And wondering what I was so upset about. It is supremely annoying, and then I get frustrated and upset because I am not in control of my emotions in the slightest, and that just makes things worse. I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday and sadly enough, I'm almost happy about it (although if they can't figure out what it is it'll probably make me frustrated again). It can't be PMS, that feels different. I dunno. Hopefully something will get resolved.

yeah that's really all I got :P

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Monday, October 22, 2007

let's see how much Michelle can type in the seven minutes until she heads to religion class....

it is MISERABLE outside. I had an appointment for a tour at a local cosmetology school at 12:30 and almost walked outside without a jacket. cold and rainy and windy and eww.

the cosmetology school is really nice. I like their facilities and the lady I talked to was really nice.

I'm dating a guy, Jeff, it was a week yesterday, and we met a week before that...I really like him a lot. And he's nice, funny, pays for things, gets along with my friends...not to mention good looking (or as my lovely mother says "cute in a scroungy kind of way"...I wouldn't have used those words but whatever :P ).

Speaking of my lovely mother, somehow she got the idea his name was Jess. made for a funny incident Saturday haha.

I'm glad my IDS class is over. Now I don't have to be at class 'til 2 any given day.

There's lots of stupid drama going on at Hot Topic, and I'm trying desperately to find a second job. I'm going to go apply later today or tomorrow at the Starbucks that's right down the road from me. I didn't mind barista-ing, so long as my manager isn't a crazy ass that schedules me when I can't work.

I did apply at TeleTech, the place Jeff works, but after a 30 minute computer test and a 15 minute interview, I thought to mention my college schedule and the guy goes ", we can't work around that for training. Apply again at winter break and you'll probably have a job."


the same guy also told me that I talk like I'm from New York because I talk so fast. hahaha.

My hair is black and red of it (and hopefully Jeff too) sometime this week.

I'm kind of in an awkward situation with some of my friends because I told them I would probably be moving back in December to Joplin and move in with them. I saw the house this weekend, and it IS a nice house - but it'd be five people in what is technically a 3 bedroom house in December, and then Josh is supposed to move in in May. I don't think I could handle that. Not to mention Chad and Chris are already at each others' throat.

Aside from the whole Michelle-needs-her-space, I think it would be too much of a pain to move again within six months. And I'm starting to actually make some friends here, and I'm probably jumping the gun but I hope Jeff's still around then and that would make spontaneous hanging out a little impossible. And the cosmetology schools here are nicer. but now I don't know how to break it to them that I don't want to move in with them.

Ok, apparently that's how much I can type in seven minutes. Off to religion class!

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