Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sooo...the promised rant.

(keep in mind I'm very tired, very cranky, and may not be as eloquent(hah) as usual)

I'm sitting in the computer lab today during second hour. I hear unnamed persons whispering about something so and so said that was "sooo gross ew" etc. etc. I say, "Who are you guys talking about?" "Oh...the LESBIAN!"(said with a tone of absolute disgust, much like one would say "the COCKROACH")

Oh. How nice.

Unnamed person proceeds to tell me about how the LESBIAN(hey, doesn't she have a name?) said so and so and it was so gross and she was scarred for life. Omigod.

I said, "Well, I like her, she's nice to me."

"She's only nice to you because she wants in your pants, you know that right?"

"Umm...no...she knows I have a boyfriend..."

"Like that makes any difference, you saw how she reacted yesterday at lunch when you said you'd possibly be a lesbian!!!"

(side note: yesterday at lunch I said if an Army recruiter called I'd tell them I was gay, among other things, to get them to leave me alone. The LESBIAN found this funny and gave me a hug.)

"Nooo...I said I would say I was a lesbian to get rid of an army recruiter..."

"Well whatever, she's still only nice to you because she wants in your pants."

"Not really, and I like her, she's my friend."

At this point the bell rang.

This whole thing pissed me off. Really very much so. I wasn't sure how to react to this, because of all people I would think UP wouldn't be so homophobic. I was disappointed to say the least, because she claims she's not. And she doesn't even know this person, at all.

I just don't get it. Why say you're something you're not? At least ****ing admit it and get it over with. Which brings me to another topic. It strikes me as amazingly akin to saying "Oh, I have no problem with gay people, so long as they keep it to themselves."

No. No. That makes no sense. That's like saying "I have no problem with vegetarians, so long as they keep it to themselves", or "I have no problem with Muslims, so long as they keep it to themselves", or Jews, or any other group of people. Although, if it was most other groups, that statement would be greeted with horror or aghast looks, instead of nods and agreement. They shouldn't HAVE to keep it to themselves, any of them. That's what America is supposed to be about, you stupid "patriots". Not having a problem with a group of people means not having a problem with them, at the least, mentioning it in conversation or making a joke about it. Don't be so bloody uptight and freak out at every single thing. You see, *GASP* someone mentioning belonging to one of the aforementioned groups...that's not going on and on and on about it. I can see being annoyed if all a person talked about was gay pride, or animal rights, or Allah, but talking about it on occasion, when it comes up, or the aforementioned jokes? It's like...everyone claims they don't have anything against a certain group of people, but they actually meet a member of that group, and they nitpick looking for anything to dislike that person over. Oh no, she said one thing about the bigger school she came from! What a snob! Oh no, she made one joke about karma! What conceit! It's not like, you know, OTHER people ever make jokes about their religion. But apparently when the cockroach scum does it, it means she's conceited and trying to force her religion on others. Why? She's DIFFERENT, of course.

Then they refer to them by the group label, instead of name, but oh no! They're not bigoted! What the hell, people? Get a LIFE for the love of all things good and holy and stop worrying about everyone elses'.

And FFS do NOT talk around me about how bad my friends are. I do NOT do it to others out of respect. I would hope the same decency would at least be afforded to me, but I guess not. I just have to say I'm totally disgusted with how some people, who I'd normally think are decent enough, are handling recent events.

Moving on to happier(err...not really) things.

I gave blood today. It wasn't...well...it wasn't as bad as I thought, but that's not saying much. They couldn't find the vein at first and had to move it a little bit. When they moved the needle it *hurt*. I was holding Stephanie's hand at the time with my eyes squeezed shut(also with an apparent death grip on her hand), while she was going "Oh...calm down! Think of...the Clash! Think of London Calling! Think of London!" (she's a cool freshman with good taste in music) and all of a sudden, "Ooo! You're bleeding! It looks like purple kool-aid!" It was gross. I touched the bag and it was all warm. I was okay at the beginning of the blood being taken, but in the middle I got very woozy and nauseous. At the end I was okay as well, I stood up and walked over to the food table. Ate some pizza, and after about five minutes I suddenly felt like crap, which continued off and on for...well...the rest of the night really. Headachey, veeeeery tired, alternately too hot or too cold, dizzy spells. I feel much better after eating a lot though.

Poor Jessica. She actually passed out. Twice, I think.

Anyways, that's it for tonight. Hopefully a relatively entertaining read.

Quiz results...and probably a rant later, depending on if I feel like it. But suffice to say something happened today that really pissed me off.

You Are Likely a First Born

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At work and school, you do best when you're researching.
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In friendship, you are considerate and compromising.
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You will leave your mark on the world with discoveries, new information, and teaching people to dream.

(to be fair, I took it a day or two ago and it said "forth born" w/a pic of four kids...)

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You give and take equally in relationships.

You tend to get very attached when you're with someone. You want to see your love all the time.

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The worst career options for your are conventional careers, like bank teller or secretary.

(well, I want to major in History and work in a museum...)

rant later...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Promised pictures(yes, only three):

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I took the ACT yesterday. I think I did fairly well. The math and science were different than I remember - math easier(but maybe that's because I studied this time around), and science harder. I was so happy, because I actually got done with math before the five minute mark, and had time to go back and check my answers - I caught at least two mistakes. I freaked out in the middle of the test, because I remember that I was taking the writing portion and Jessica didn't. Jessica was supposed to be my ride home. It all turned out okay, though, because she stayed and just slept in the hallway(surprised anyone?) while I took it. I think I did pretty well on that part too. I know it sounds nerdy, but I really can't wait for the results...(not least because if I score well enough, I'll never have to take that expletive test again).

The rest of the day was relatively uneventful. We went and picked up Spencer, went to the mall, did nothing in particular, went back to drop Spencer off and stopped at the McDonald's and saw Eric there. We just left Spencer there since he was going to hang out with Eric. I was disappointed because I didn't get to see him later and I thought I was going to. Which figures, because unless something happens during the week or today, I won't get to see him 'til next Friday probably.

Mr. T made front page of the Globe! Check it out.

Dunno what I'm doing today. Might work on artwork or something. Maybe writing for the first time in an unknowable length. And I might actually scan in those pictures of the party finally, 'cause I'm wokring on decorating my locker, and I want to put some up. I want to go somewhere and do something fun, but it's like, everyone's working - Alicia, Kassie, Jessica, probably Stacia, I think Lydia is....blah. I need a job. Also a license.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm looking forward to Mr. T's book-signing tomorrow...most of my family should be there, along with a few of the people from school...I told pretty much everyone I know that I thought might go.

I'm tired. And it turned out our dog is dead. My little brother is really upset. I am too, needless to say.

The Ren Faire pictures, as promised:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Us at the beginning of the day

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

In front of the dungeon museum

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Pretty mini-pond thing

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Peregrine falcon (*sigh* still can't believe we missed the showing...) and owner

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

us at the end of the day

I have the pictures back from my party, and I might scan a few in from those too. Later, though.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I swear I'm going to hunt down the next of you spawn-of-demon spammers that freaking leaves a comment. GO AWAY.

Some of our teachers REALLY irritate me.

One in particular. New this year. LA III teacher. I just don't...she has no idea what she's talking about, for one. For another, she contradicts herself. And for another, she forgets things and does just...really stupid/asinine stuff. List:

-said Lydia didn't do her book report, and didn't believe Lydia until she showed the teacher a graded book report
-counted down Ryan 40% for his project being late when he turned it in the day it was due
-didn't count down another student for turning his in two days late
-insists I didn't turn in a set of questions, even though I *know* I did it, but since she told us not to save assignments I don't have it for proof
-also insists I didn't write summaries for two reading days, but I know I did...I haven't been absent on any Fridays, so if I was gone it was on a school event, and I don't think I was...and if I was there, I ALWAYS do them and have done so every bloody Friday I've been at school since freshman year
-sent a student to the office for saying "Jesus" and sent another student for asking why student #1 was sent
-at the beginning of the year, while we were going over an Iriquois creation myth, she suggested that maybe the people who travelled over the Bering Strait brought Taoism with them(because she saw similarities between Taoism and the myth/Iriquois beliefs, and she TOTALLY screwed them both up *so* bad), which is just completely ridiculous.

And so on.

My dog hasn't showed up yet. If anyone sees a Shiba Inu(looks kinda like a mini husky or Akita, only tan), can you get ahold of me?

The pictures Alicia took at Dioko's the other night(actually, I'm just going to put the one up of Spencer, me, Jess, and Brian, 'cause in the other picture of us, we were in pretty much the same pose):

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

More will be coming, I just got the pictures back from the bio trip last Wed. and from our b-day party. But I'm just too freaking lazy to scan them in right now.

I really hope our dog isn't dead...

Monday, October 17, 2005

I'm bored and I think my brother must've just taken a bath in cologne from the way it smells. I'm not sure if this is an improvement upon the norm or not.

I'm also irritated because Quizilla won't even load, so it's not like I can waste the time taking mindless but amusing quizzes until I give up on Spencer calling and go to sleep.

Yay, it's loading now....

We're watching To Kill a Mockingbird in 20th Cent. Hist. It's a little depressing because half of our class still thinks that way. Layton's in that class and I dislike him with a passion. A lot. A lot a lot. An incredibly lot a lot. It's really awful when Luke's gone, because then he kicks my freaking chair all over the place, and worse when he sits behind me because then he sits there and alternately puts stuff in my hair or pulls on it one strand at a time. I really want to slap that stupid bigoted redneck. I think I will eventually. I hope so anyways, 'cause it'd give me a hell of a lot of satisfaction.

Not loading any more. Grrr.

Spencer's brother annoys me. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before(on second thought, I know I haven't), but his family is pretty screwed up. It's no small wonder he's turned out as well as he has. Anyways, I can never tell when Spencer's home and when he's not, because if Kevin(one of his two older brothers) picks up the phone, he says he's not there in the exact same pissed off why-are-you-calling tone every single damn time I call. Here's a clue, jerk: if you'd let me talk to you fracking brother, I wouldn't KEEP CALLING. Derrr. Also he randomly starts screaming "Spencer! Get off the f-ing phone you've been on there for f-ing ever!!!!"...even if my phone tells me we've only been talking 10 minutes...

Mr. Curran irritates me sometimes too. He told us last Tuesday that we'd need a disposable camera for the bio trip. The trip was on Wednesday. Likewise, today he told us we'd need the pictures in by tomorrow, and not before. I'd just like a little forewarning thanks...

BLAH. There's a CC meet tomorrow and I do *not* want to go. It's the Diamond meet which means I'm doing a lot more than I usually do, and maybe I'm just being lazy, but I already feel like crap and being nearly puked on three times is not my idea of more fun.

One of our dogs is missing. I really hope he shows back up again. I dun wanna lose another pet.

Hah. I found other mindless quiz sites. Take that, Quizilla.

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Ahaha...that's exactly what I always do. Strawberry icecream is nasty crap.

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*has only seen Star Trek...five times, maybe, in her entire life*

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(surprised? me neither...the only reason I posted this was because I thought the picture was funny...)

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yaayyy...my favorite comic ever...

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I like Neil Gaiman.

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Okay...I'm gonna go to bed now. Night.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

This weekend has been fairly eventful so far. In a good way(again, so far).

It was announced Friday that the Ren Faire trip(scheduled for Saturday) was cancelled. Nice to know so far in advance. It was okay, though, because Lydia's dad said he'd take her, Jessica, and me up there. Anyways, we went to see Macon at Dioko's. I'm sitting there on the couch with Spencer(also Jessica and Brian) when this person I don't recognize comes up and goes "Oh, hey Michelle!!"

...it was my boss from Carver. eeeeeesh. One of them, anyways. So we talked for a few minutes and then I said something to him about Jessica. And some dude was making fun of me(I think so anyways), because as we were walking out, I saw a poster that said something about bands playing with Macon last night, and one of them was 'Cinna the Poet'. I was like "Oh, I get it, it means the Cinna in Julius Caesar, and he got killed by this rioting mob thing..." Some dude walking by goes "Oh, is THAT the story, well now I know!" or something like that.

I spent the night at Jessica's house and we got up, and rode to the Renaissance Faire in KC. It was freaking awesome. Lydia's dress was sooo pretty, and she said her mom made it from a pattern. So that's what I'm doing next year. But yeah, it was COOL. The stores were great, although I didn't buy much(a little bottle with an ankh on it to hang from my rearview mirror, and some lotus incense) because I figured that a lot of the stuff I could just buy here, since I know where to get it. The one big disappointment of the day was when I saw this guy walking around with a peregrine falcon on his wrist. Anyone who knows me knows that I *love* hawks and falcons. I took a picture and he said that they were giving a presentation on birds of prey at a certain stage at a certain time. He said the stage was shaped like a castle, and it was by a children's area. Guess what? Turn's out there's two that fit that description, on opposite ends of the park. By the time we found the *right* stage, we'd missed it. At any rate, I'm definitely going next year, and now I know how to get to it easily - it's right by the ampitheatre where Warped Tour was at.

Today I'm doing something with Jessica and Spencer, hopefully, at any rate.

I've been contemplating something...I wonder how easy it would be to talk the counselor into it. I think I have a 50/50 chance, depending on whether he's being lazy or asinine.

I'm in 20th Cent. Hist. during 7th hour right now, which is basically a filler class. At semester it turns into Government, which I've already taken. He originally said that if I found an online Latin course, I could take that the second semester. That sounded iffy-ish then, but now, after a few months with my courseload, I know there's NO way I could do that and do well. So, I'm thinking, since I already have art sixth hour, maybe I could just stay in the art room for 2 hours a day, and either work on independent projects or other classes' homework in 7th hour. Mrs. Culp has already ok'ed it.

Considering how he apparently tried to get Lydia to take Art II even though she hadn't taken Art I, I don't think it's that much of a long shot.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Yesterday was a really, really bad day. This whole week hasn't been particularly great.

On Sunday our little beagle runt got shocked by a wire he was chewing on, but luckily and thank heavens I was there and, after trying to get him off the wire, unplugged it. He's okay. The next day all the dogs packed up on him for some reason and he hurt his leg(and had a few nasty gashes on his tummy/back).

People have been irritating me a WHOLE lot lately. Let's put it this way - the list of people at Diamond who I haven't wanted to strangle at least once this week, I could put on one hand. (yes, Alicia, you're included in the good list) I just think a bunch of this crap is totally idiotic to say the least. But of course I can't say anything in specific or it'll come back and bite me in the ass.

Yesterday was particularly irritating. The trip itself was okay, but there were just a bunch of little factors that really added up to annoy me. And last night I'm talking on the phone to Spencer when my mom yells something about a cat, so I ran outside to make sure they weren't hurting any of my cats...and she was already dead. I feel bad for Spencer, because I immediately started bawling and screaming at the dogs, trying to get them away from the body and one wouldn't go out so I threw him over the fence. I threw the phone down somewhere in this too. He still had my finger between two of his teeth when I tossed him, so now I have what my dad says is probably a bruised tendon. Finger's all puffy, hurts, and I can't move it normally.

Not to mention my farking car died yesterday. More details on that later, we think it's the alternator belt.

And now I get to go to school.

Monday, October 10, 2005

We went to see Benefit of a Doubt Friday night in Lamar. (we being Jessica, her boyfriend, me, and Spencer) It kinda sucked, because we got there at a little after eight, trying to find the Lamar Memorial Hall...we asked a group of teens for directions and they were really rude to us. We found it anyways, walk in, and there is seriously nobody there. I mean, there was like 20 people who weren't associated with the bands there. Not that I'm complaining because we talked to at least five band-members from various bands. The part that really sucked was that we missed BOAD - we saw Shooting for Third, and about 5 songs from the JV All-Stars. And then we went back home.

The rest of the weekend was extremely uneventful. I stayed at home all day Saturday, missed a concert at the Bridge I wanted to go to, and got to drive my car for the first time as well. I like it. I only made my mom scream once. That one time was exceptionally loud, though, so I'm not sure if I have bragging rights.

I have a busy week...I just spent the last 2-3 hours working on a five page paper, which is kinda pathetic that it took me that long. The Roaring River trip is on Wednesday, and I'm not particularly looking forward to it. I remember last year as being cold, wet, irritating, and distinctly not much fun. I fell down multiple times and got lost, so I might be biased, but...yick. The Ren Faire is on Saturday, and I'm kind of looking forward to that, but I won't have anywhere near the spending money I wanted, and I'm just hoping it won't be cold and irritating.
The ACT is next Saturday. Not particularly looking forward to it.

...what I *am* looking forward to is getting those freaking MAP results back, with my gas card and such.

Skate demo at the Bridge tomorrow...live band and free stuff, and I'm going. Hopefully, anyways, because Spencer'll be there and I'd like to see him(since I won't get to on Saturday). His car should be working soon, which I'm greatly looking forward to - it'll be SO nice not having to depend on everyone else for rides. Hopefully it'll be working before Homecoming.

Anyways, back to the homework for me. Yaaaayyy....

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I'm irritated, tired, and bored.

I'm not quite sure why I'm tired. I got at least eight hours of sleep last night. I'm not too sure why I'm irritated either, because I had a fairly nice day. We did redundant but easy enough testing(Stanford Achievement Test) the first three hours and I left for math league after that. I saw some people at the mall food court that worked at the Bridge, but none that I really knew well enough to say hi to. Later Lindsay, someone I actually do talk to, joined them, and I went over and said hi...we talked for a few minutes and she goes "Do you mind if I introduce you to them?" "Uh, no, not really." "Are you still dating Spencer?" "Yeah" "Hey everyone, this is Spencer's girlfriend!"

That didn't really irritate me...I found it more funny than anything else. Spencer's been going to the Bridge(which is, for the non-Joplinonians, a local skate/BMX/music place for kids to hang out at that's drug free and etc.) regularly since about 6th-7th grade and knows EVERYONE who works there plus almost everyone that goes there on a first-name basis. We can't go anywhere without someone saying hi to Spencer, and when we started dating I made a comment to Jessica about how I was going to be known as Spencer's girlfriend to everyone. Which, no big surprise, I am...walked into the Bridge the other day to be greeted by one of Spencer's friends yelling "Hey! It's Spencer's girlfriend!!!"

Not that I'm annoyed. I think it's funny.

Anyways...the rest of the day was uneventful...got to hand out place-sticks(lil tongue depressors that had numbers on them for places) at the CC meet at Diamond...almost got puked on at least twice. But I narrowly avoided it both times. And there were no injuries on my part involved - coach decided he'd tell me about an incident 2-3 years earlier where someone actually had their thumb broke because this dude grabbed the stick and jerked too hard. (wow that'd sound bad out of context...)

The only really irritating thing that happened is that I heated up lasagna, not realizing it'd splatter, and had to do a thorough cleanup of the microwave afterwards.

Yet I'm still irritated. Blah.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this, but we have a beagle puppy now, Scooter/Scoots. He's so cute.

I need new shoes. I'm probably going to be cheap and either wait until the New Year's Eve party/BMX/skate competition or get Spencer to get me a discount on some Vans. He's sponsored by them so I might be able to get a pair for $20 as opposed to...say...$60. If I can wait 'til New Year's, though, I get them free. At any rate, my Converses, though I love them dearly, are getting a little thin in the sole area. Might try and patch it up though 'cause I do love those shoes.

I feel slightly better now. But still tired.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Yup. New blog. I felt it was time for a new one, plus I think I've totally forgotten my username and password both for the other one. Which is generally not the way to get back into posting. Anyways, the title, before you all think I've gone emo or somewhat, is a Pennywise reference and the URL is a kinda reference to an inside joke. That I may or may not explain later.

Let's see. New things since the last time I posted(which was ages and ages ago, and let's just leave it at that since I'm too lazy to go check Seceding from Society):

#1. I can now legally see R-rated movies.
#2. I have a car. No license yet(yes shut up) but a car. White 1988 Acura Integra, fully loaded(or I think, at least, for its time). It's pretty nice, and should be even more so once I get a chance to get seat covers for the back seat and put floor mats in. The power steering is out and being fixed soon, and I'm very eager to start actually driving it so I can get one of those *#$%ing licenses. I named it Oreo. And the only person who got it was...
#3. Spencer, the boyfriend. Of...a month and a halfish now. Goes to Webb City and BMXes and has a very broad taste in music that includes my music. I could go on but I think I'll leave things at that for the sake of everyone's gag reflex.
#4. I'm in three freaking DC classes this year and ouch I have a headache. The English class(actually, BOTH of them...) is particularly irritating. For reasons I'll explain later.
#5. Mr. T has a book out and you should all go buy five copies.
#6. I'm running out of things to list, so I think I might just start telling stories.

(WOW I just did check SFS and it's been *forever*)

Example of how pathetic today's world(or maybe just Diamond) is:

Casey P and I are talking in the DC Bio class about something or other, and he said that there was some TV show where they went around having people sign a petition against women's suffrage and actually got a lot of people to sign it because nobody knew what 'suffrage' meant. He then goes "Michelle, are you pro-suffrage?" "Uh, yeah.." "MICHELLE'S PRO-SUFFRAGE!!!" the class goes silent and though I'm not facing the majority of them, I get the feeling everyone's looking at me. I start laughing at the absurdity of it because I hear someone mutter something about stupid vegan or liberal or etc.

Nobody knew what suffrage meant. I'm sure there was probably 2-3(not counting Casey and myself)...but still. Eesh.

Anyways, the classes I'm taking this year:

DC Bio
DC Trig B/Precalc
Art II
20th Century Hist.

In other news, the counselor is lazy and bothers me. Also, the LA-4 class is starting to bother me. You see, we're working on papers. We handed in the revised versions on...Monday of last week, or maybe even the Friday before. And she was supposed to give them back to us(with mistakes marked out and stuff) on Monday. The final copy was due last Friday.

Well. She kept not giving them back. And moving the due date back. We were supposed to get them back last Friday but she didn't leave them for the sub, and the final draft would be due this Friday since we have the bloody testing Tues-Thurs during first and second hour. Now, we might get them back tomorrow. The final draft is *still* due on Friday. This wouldn't rub quite so badly on me, except that this is the same person that is insistent about how she NEVER accepts late work because "in the real world, there's no such thing" and blah blah blah. Hey, lady, in the real world, if the boss is late, they get in trouble too. Not to mention she's been rather hypocritical about some other things.

Also, we went and saw Just Like Heaven yesterday. It was much better than I expected(even for a chick-flick-ish movie) and even made me cry a little bit. But it's exceedingly good and you should all go see it.

My blogging abilities are exhausted for now and I'm getting ready to go call #3. So I'll hopefully post more later.