Friday, September 29, 2006

Michelle ate 27 hotdogs in 5 minutes

Michelle died 3 minutes later
'What will your Headline be?' at

hahaha. so long as they were veggie dogs.

I'm *really* glad we decided to do the tattoo in two sittings. it's still sore today. but I got a lot of compliments on it, even though it is only half done. It feels REALLY weird to wash it...'cause I'm supposed to wash it three times a day, and I only shower once in the morning, obviously. and the rest of the time, the water is COLD and it's just a really weird sensation. I can't wait 'til the 26th. Jessica got her eyebrow pierced, and it looks quite cute. anyways, I decided I will post the picture from yesterday right after I got it doesn't show anything anyways:

the top of the arc of the stars is about even with my bellybutton, and the hieroglyphs would normally be under my pants.

oh and kudos to Lydia for the bday pressie of a TMNT backpack. with compasses! haha it's awesome.

I'm having super bad pizza cravings. I'm going to go get some later when I go into town for some other stuff too. maybe I'll do a Buffy and pizza night by myself if I can get my brother and dad off the tv.

it's already too cold for my taste. blah! I'm going to migrate.

I got a letter from MSSU the other day about how I qualify for the honors program. and that if I get in the honors program and in some other scholarship I qualify for, I get a full ride with books/room and board included...not bad. but I reeeeeeally do not want to live on campus unless it's in one of the apartment dorms. I dunno.

*goes off to find something to do until she leaves*

Thursday, September 28, 2006

soo I had the best birthday I've had in a long time. school was easy/almost fun, I went and got the linework done for my tattoo (because of the position - my hip - and the fact that it was my first tattoo, he thought it'd be better to do it in two I agree, for sure). it looks awesome. I might post pictures but I think that would embarass my mother, given the location haha. I then went and showed like everyone I knew at the mall (or, everyone I know that's on my nice list), then went and got Dial and Lubriderm at Target. I'm so happy with it. and then I came home to nummy vegetarian lasagna and cake, courtesy of my wondermous mom. I'm probably going to watch Grey's Anatomy and then go to bed. oh, and I won five bucks and a ticket in the lottery.

Monday, September 25, 2006

you can have actual updates later...very short summary: I get sick of being nice only to have people be rude assholes to me. and all of that anger had to go somewhere haha, that's my only comment.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

so I just got off the phone with the army. AGAIN. these people don't take friggin no for an answer. Because this is at least the fourth time that someone from either the army or navy or wherever has called. I don't really care if I scored a 96 on the ASVAB (the excuse of one of the recruiters for why I've got so many calls), I'M NOT SIGNING UP. And it wouldn't bother me but it's such a pain in the ass to get them off the phone. "Hi I'm so and so called you a few months ago (when I said no way) and I'm following up" "um ok" *makes small chat* "So I'm going to be in your area on Monday and Tuesday and I was wondering what would be a good time to stop by and talk to you." "Um, I'm not really interested thanks." "Well, what makes you say that?" "I don't want to go into the army." "Well lots of people blah blah misconceptions blah, I can stop by either Monday or Tuesday night." "I'm just not interested." "Okay, do you know anyone who might be?" *thinks of giving them Casey's number* "Nope sorry."

sheesh. your wannabe-Jedi mind tricks do not work on me. and at least I was polite, so freakin' leave me alone when I say no.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

my copy of Ten Things I Hate About You stopped working. This adds another movie to the list to buy. Among others; Dogma, Clerks 1/2 (when it comes out), and the Breakfast Club. also it makes me sad.

Monday, September 18, 2006 I'm kind of in the mood for a song lyrics post, first in a long long while...but that'll probably be at the end.

y'know how you have lymph nodes on your throat, and when you get sick they get...sore? like tender to the touch? well, that's what the inside of my upper arm feels like. ouch. it started like 2 hours ago and maybe it's all in my head but I'm starting to feel crappy overall.

I keep seeing all this depressing news. and, I dunno. it's really random, because I'm not so much depressed as just kind of looking at everything with a kind of detached exasperation. I'm tired of looking at colleges when I'm not even sure what major I'm supposed to be going for, and at the moment at least I'm too lazy to ask, I don't want to start the application process for some reason. It's intimidating. the spaghetti sauce I ate is making me naseous. I had dreams last night about man-eating dogs (corgis, actually) that I was distracting by throwing styrofoam cups, probably prompted at least in part by MirrorMask, which is this really trippy movie Jessica recommended. Neil Gaiman, the author of one of my favorite books, wrote the screenplay. and I really liked it. But man, makes for pretty screwy dreams. on the upside, I finished the skirts for my Halloween costume.

I hate it when people say things like this, but I'm almost getting to the point where I don't *want* to look at the editorial section of the paper because I just get annoyed. Some idiot from Diamond (see, this is why I'm embarassed to say I go to school there) wrote in bitching about how the reason child molestation rates are going up is because the state is 'allowing' children to live in the houses of unmarried couples or single parents. Right. Because that makes them unfit automatically. And living in a household full of repressed religious fundamentalists so incredibly full of hate at any group that's outside of their narrow worldview, that will not harm a child at all. NEVER. blah.

This annoys me too. As far as I'm concerned, if people aren't doing it at school or having any of those substances on school property, it's none of their #$%@ing business. How surprising is it that this happened in Kansas, the same place where they tried to (or maybe did, I honestly don't remember at this point, too headachey) overturn the teaching of evolution in schools. or add creationism in a science class, something similar. It has no place in a science class people, you want to teach your religion, keep it in a religion class. Not anywhere else. It has no business there. And that's where the problem comes in, is that some people just don't see that their rights end where mine begin, and you do not have a right to stand on the throat of everyone else. Majority rules so long as it's not messing with the minority's rights, or that's the way it should be. Obviously not working right, with our idiot of a president trying to modify the Constitution (instead of, y'know, focusing on the nutcase who DOES have nuclear weapons, or the soldiers dying in Iraq, or anything that could be used to better the country) to take away someone's rights. Which is a whole 'nother rant and I'm sure you all know my opinion on it, or can guess at the very least. And I just don't understand where the fundamental (no pun intended) shift in viewpoint comes in, between what YOU believe and trying to make others fit that mold. Obviously, I'm not a big fan of the fundies. I think it's wrong for parents to shove their religion down their children's throat, or fill them with hate, turn them into zealots, etc. But I'm not going to be like "hey, we have to have a law against that!". I just have to hope that some day the kid realizes that maybe not everyone else is wrong all the time. And I'm okay with that. But the idea that some idiot who doesn't even know me would want to take my (hypothetical) children away because I'm not raising them in the 'right way', I don't get it. And where are you going to put them anyways, obviously the fostercare system is going nowhere, and that's another reason I think it should be okay for gay people to adopt. At least you know they desperately want children and obviously aren't going to have any 'accident kids' where it's like, oh well we didn't really want one but it came along anyways so we might as well deal. And honestly, the verrrry vast majority of homes with gay parents are probably a HELL of a lot better than the fostercare system. hmmm I was all over the map on that one...

...they beat and bashed the queers,
turned away asylum-seekers,
fed us suspicions and fears.
We didn't raise our voice,
we didn't make a fuss.
It's funny there was no one left to notice
when they came for us.

Looks like witches are in season,
you better fly your flag and be aware
of anyone who might fit the description,
diversity is now our biggest fear.

Now with our conversations tapped
and our differences exposed,
how ya supposed to love your neighbor
with our minds and curtains closed?

And if I had the choice I'd take the voice I got
Cause it was hard to find.
You know I've come too far to wind up right back where I started.
Ahh they tell me who I should be,
I'll never let the monkeys make a mess of me.
I give all I can and it's all I can do,
But I'm true...

And then they talk you up and then they talk you down
And you begin to doubt.
Sometimes the reasons seem so very far away.
Ahh but I'd stop breathing today,
if I can't walk proud, I'd rather walk away.

Don't forget that you're born free
It's better to die on your feet
than to live on your knees

Sunday, September 17, 2006

uneventful weekend. I had to work yesterday, which made me sad because Everett called me wanting to do something. but of course, there's nobody to cover for me. Anyways, last night was just a good night for weirdos or something. we had a bunch of stupid people. and this really creepy guy who wouldn't stop staring down my shirt. eeeyuck. and talking about how he was going to go partying in his new clothes/shoes. yeah you're cool, really.

I know it's my last year but I continue to get increasingly annoyed with the school. Alicia's fiasco cracks me up. She's right, though. (that'd be Alicia) I don't understand why we're expected to jump through hoops to do boring tests that take up time that could otherwise be used on actually learning something, and take up even more time because half the teachers, instead of having an actual curriculum, take out time to prepare specifically for those tests with redundant homework (which, by the way, doesn't that contradict the point of the test? if you're preparing specifically for them, instead of having a normal curriculum...). Especially when, with a lot of the high scorers, they're scoring high because they're intelligent, which has nothing to do with the school.

Plus the unprofessionalism of the teachers pisses me off sometimes. I guess one of them went off on a rant on Friday (or maybe Thursday, I honestly don't remember) about how WalMart is evil because it's giving some benefits to the partners of gay employees. Hm. Interesting, and so incredibly good Christian of this woman, to find them evil because of that, and not because of the underpaid sweatshop child labor in third world countries and such. I guess she also went on a big rant about how Halloween is evil last year. I know teachers are allowed to have opinions, but I think it's incredibly wrong and unprofessional to say things like that in class in such a vehement way...she was getting in an argument with one of my friends about it. One of the reasons Mr. Withers and Mr. T are/were (well, still is, but don't have him in class any more) my favorite teachers was because they have the ability to lead a class discussion, while sometimes throwing in their opinion, without making the students feel like they're outright wrong, or turning it into a most-of-the-class-and-the-teacher vs. a few students thing. Not to mention that at least in their class, debate was called for, where I really don't see how homosexuality or WalMart has any place being brought up in a foreign language class. just, y'know, my thoughts.

so I woke up to thunder this morning. sheesh that was loud. my obvious statement of the day...

and now bed, or phone, whichever comes first...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

blahhh. The rest of the week hasn't really improved. Everyone at Journey's except for me either quit or got fired, as far as the associates goes. So guess who gets to pick up all of their hours and finish organizing the entire stockroom?

I have this theory that our society punishes people for being good at things....I guess by assuming that if someone is good at something they must like it.

and Tammy is moving to New Mexico. Sheesh. like I said, not really a good week. plus my back and shoulders hurtttt.

school = the normal. mostly brains-oozing-out-my-ears boredom. fun stuff.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


and before anyone says anything, yes, I realize I'm thin. but I'm a healthy fast-metabolism naturally thin person, whereas that lady in the picture looks like some sort of strange alien. anyways, go Madrid!

Jones soda bottle cap from today:

"Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life."

hmm, thanks for the subtlety.

my mood has improved somewhat, as I'm sure everyone who has to deal with me tomorrow will be happy to know.

okay, so, warning for all you people that go to school with me, if I snap at anyone, most likely it's not your fault.

(keep in mind I said mostly, if you're being a jerk it's justified in my mind :P)

the week from hell took a break on Sunday and then came running back with a vengeance. to tackle and smush me. there was a fierce battle cry involved as well I'm pretty sure.

half the time I don't know if the issue is that I'm being too assertive, because if I don't say something later, I feel like I'm being walked all over, or if everyone else is changing. I dunno, in specific it's only happening with one or two people so it could be either thing. so yesterday I had a rather hellish day at school, get home, go into town trying to find Electric Art (because the other tattoo artist stopped returning my calls) I get there and the artist I wanted to talk to isn't there. great. blah blah blah, all sorts of other crap, I had really %$@#ed up dreams last night so I woke up in a cranky mood, Zach was not entirely in his parking spot and I guess I didn't see this in my tiredness and compensate for it, so my front license plate fell off. I missed the DECA meeting. I have to get up extra early tomorrow for AQT practice. I'm sore all over, especially in my shoulders which hurt like hell. Everyone's getting on my nerves, and things aren't going the way I wanted them to in just about any area of my life right now. whine whine whine, I know...

blah. on the upside, I finished my hat in art. and it looks cute.

this amused me:

Somewhere in heaven, a very groggy, very confused angel has just woken up and is trying to figure out why a boisterous Australian man is poking it with a stick.

from some random person on LJ.

and on the same subject (well, not at all really), but a thought provoking entry on some other random person's.

so now I'm going to find something to do that doesn't involve violence of any sort as a stress reliever...or yelling at people....yeah I'm going to go do chores and then try and get ahold of the artist. I sure as hell hope everyone else is having more fun than I am right now...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

September 19th is international talk like a pirate day.

guess who's dressing up?

yes, I am a dork. who cares, it'll be fun. I'm just sad that I'm not going to be at work.

the week from hell hath ended, and hopefully this week will be better. more updates tomorrow. maybe, if I'm not busy.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I fell off a ladder at work...I hurt all over. youch. Bad day. Bad days. Bad week. Let's leave it at that.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

aw, so Steve Irwin died. and that makes me sad, because he seemed like a nice guy who was all environmentalist and conservationist, and that's always a good thing. and it's WEIRD because it was a totally freak accident.

“You need to come with me and be with that animal,” I once saw Irwin tell an interviewer on one of his Animal Planet specials, “…because if we can touch people about wildlife, then they’ll want to save it.”

What pisses me off is seeing the sort of stuff Mr. T was talking about happening, with the media. It's horrible that's like they don't even realize he was a person, as soon as he's dead he's just something to be on the news, y'know? They were just showing footage of one of his friends who was with him when he died bawling while being interviewed, and that's ridiculous. Leave the poor man alone. We were in class today and a few of the people were saying "oh yeah I hope they air the footage of him dying" (which, thankfully, looks like it won't happen), and I just want to say, "What the hell?! He has a wife! He has kids! Do you really think they want to turn on the tv and see footage of their FATHER or husband dying?!" For that matter, do you think they want to turn on the tv and see marathon footage of their father/husband/close friend at all? I know people have a right to news, but sheesh, his wife and kids and friends are still around. It'd be nice if someone in the media pretended to care about them and what they want or need, instead of just using everything they can get to get more viewers. What's the point in rehashing things everyone already knows, or worse, sensationalizing it, there was some woman on TV going on about a "vicious attack", yes, I bet that's exactly what he would have wanted being said. Stingrays are normally really shy/nonaggressive and it was just a totally freak accident. Nothing vicious about it.

anyways...going to go see Lady in the Water later with Scott...plans yesterday got called off 'cause he had family stuff. hopefully it's not horrible...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

today...not so much a good day. yesterday was fine. got called in to work, but it went by fast so I didn't mind (plus Makala wanted me to cover for her so bad she said she'd give me ten bucks, so...yeah). after work, bit of a role reversal because Scott was waiting on me instead of vice versa, we went and got Sonic and then went to a concert and saw Jess and Dustin (dude from school) there. fun was had all around. today, was not good for various reasons, some of them personal...went on a freaking two hoursish grocery expedition, got new deodorant that I'm allergic to (which isn't so bad I guess since I think it smells like Veet and this gives me an excuse to not wear it) which is ironic since it was Dove and they always make a BFD about sensitive skin. hopefully tomorrow will be better, probably doing something with Scott again, hope it's not raining...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mostly an uneventful week. Stayed home from school on Thurdsday due to icky-feeling-ness. Friday, short day, boring and again, uneventful. After school, went to the mall, got my check and my 'hoochie heels' (what Amy was calling them). went back home, boredom boredom, went to hang out with Jesse and Jess, was supposed to go to to the carnival with Scott, but that got cancelled (or rather, postponed to tonight) due to late closingness. Jesse said it was really crappy anyways, so maybe we'll just go to the movies or something. Lady in the Water and Click are in the cheap theatres and it seems like everyone I asked said both of those were either really good or really stupid, so hey...The Wicker Man is out now, and I still want to see Beerfest and Accepted. and maybe Snakes on a Plane. but it'll depend on what he wants to long as it's entertaining whatever it is. and now I'm going to go eat more french toast...oh wait, freedom toast, my bad...