Thursday, July 26, 2007

so. now that I can watch movie trailers online...

I Know Who Killed Me looks pretty decent. Stardust looks AMAZING, as does the Golden Compass. (I have to wait 'til DECEMBER! argh!!) Especially since, at least from the teaser, they aren't doing any of this "we've got to cut religion out of the story to keep it non-controversial" crap.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

haha, I'm going through my stuff and I keep finding old OLD journals and notes and everything else. Man, I'm such a pack rat. I had to laugh because I found this journal entry in my 2nd grade journal(complete with spelling and grammatical errors!):

Feb. 6th 1997

If I could change the world, I would....

give homes to the homless people. There would be no viruses or diseases. The poor people would be rich and would have food. Rocks would be candy and grass would be icing. Light posts would be candy canes and pencils would be chcolate cake with icing. Dirt would be sugar and sand would be candy hearts. Chalk would be mint and paper would be chcolate Taste Tatoins.

...ah, I was such a cute little idealist. WTF is a Taste Tatoin?

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Monday, July 23, 2007

So I wake up (after a marathon of Harry Potter - more on that later) and I'm like "Hmm. Pancakes sound good. I'm making PANCAKES!" and I even asked Alicia (who is still in bed, the layabout) if she wanted any. La la la, make pancake mix, grease the pan, and the first two fall apart HORRIBLY. (I don't know why)

Screw this. I'm making POPTARTS!

But yeah. Friday was really up and down. I went in for a second interview at Hot Topic and later found out I got the job, wooooooo-hooooo! And after the interview I was hanging out around the mall some with Steven, this guy I met at orientation. I hope he doesn't get any ideas...he's nice enough, but I always have issues with being able to tell if people are just being friendly or if they're interested, and I'm not interested. In some really, really weird way (dunno if it's because they both look kind of alike - long dark hair, tall skinny guys, or something about his mannerisms) he reminds me of Spencer (that'd be my ex-boyfriend, for those of us just tuning in. my whiny, bipolar ex-boyfriend that I can be friends with but why god did I date him). And...yeah. weiiiiiiird. I also got in a fender-bender, which sucked so hard. It was later that night...I'd stopped at a stop-light, and looked over my left shoulder to see who was in that lane, and I don't know if my foot slipped off the brakes or what, but I rolled forward about 3 ft and tapped the van in front of me. We both pull off in a parking lot, and the ladies (who were really very nice considering), were like "Oh, we're so sorry, we wouldn't call this in, but this is the school van so we have to file an accident report."


Their van had small scratch on it. Blah. We (being me, Jess, and Kelton) ended up walking around downtown for an hour or two, and it was awesome. It's nice living someplace with a real downtown now. I was kind of trying to get the other two to shut up, they sounded like tourists or something - "WOW! LOOK AT ALL THESE PEOPLE!" over and over again. I think it's funny, seeing as how Jessica was the one that was supposedly moving to San Diego a while ago...riiiiight...

Saturday kind of sucked too, except for eating lunch with Heath at Olive Garden. I was later than I intended to be to the show that night, and I didn't end up staying long enough for it to be worth the five dollars, plus a few people showed up that I really don't like. So I was like 'screw this, I'm just going home'. I did get to see my siblingly and familial types though. It's weird, I miss our dogs more than I thought I would. I picked up the seventh HP book at Target, since are all lying scumbags. Delivered on the day of release, my ass. I better get my money back.

Yesterday was much, much better. I woke up and went to my first day of work, which was more training than anything else and didn't involve actually getting to help customers at all. Oh well. I think it'll be a fun enough job, my next day is Wednesday, then Saturday - which sucks, because I'm scheduled 4-8 and I was supposed to help Mr. T out with the book signing. I'll be in Joplin Saturday anyways, because Coni and I are having a hair dying party (oh yeah, Steven too, he's doing neon green streaks, Coni's redoing hot pink, and I'm doing Fishbowl by SFX - so it'll be a lighter brighter turquoise blue instead of the darker blue I have now), so I'm going to pick her up Friday afternoon and then she'll spend the night, and then I'll take her home the next morning, and probably get to be at the signing for about an hour.

Which, speaking of the signing, YOU SHOULD ALL GO. I mean, how amazing would it be to meet me in the flesh. Oh yeah, and there's this book thing that you can buy also.


Anyways, after work, I came home around one and started reading Deathly Hallows. Read until about five when Heath showed up with a futon and a desk (now my sewing machine table!) that he oh-so-nicely gave me. We got it all carried up, and then we went to the mall (he wanted to buy an iPhone), I ended up getting two pairs of clearance shoes with my discount, and then we drove around some...ate at Nonna's, which is sooooo gooooood, as I've mentioned before. Went back to the apartment and he helped me get the futon and sewing machine table all set up, I made quite a bit of progress on the bits of my room that had, until then, remained stubbornly in boxes. Turns out, even with the hangers I ganked from home, and then ten pack I bought, I still need more. And I should probably get a little shelf-organizer thing for my sewing machine desk. And a stool for it. But most of that is probably going to have to wait a while. Except for the hangers, because I need my clothes hung up.

Heath left around 10:30, after some you-tubing (I LOVE OUR WIFI, even if it crapped out a few times) and some help with the hanging of posters and etc. as well. I read HP straight until about 2:30 when I finished it and then I went to bed (and had really, really weird dreams). I was...I dunno. it's weird that it's all over. I've been reading Harry Potter since I was like, 11-12. But I'm satisfied with the ending.

and then a few hours ago I woke up and here we are! good story I know.

And Alicia's still in bed. I should get a little squirt-water bottle for occasions like this.

Oh wait, she just rose and shone. Never mind. But I might get a squirt-bottle anyways. Just in case.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

so I'm doing the meme now, that I was tagged for like...a little over two weeks ago by Mr. T and then again by Lydia. whoops. let's see, eight random things about me...

1. when I was two, I had about a month-long period where I did a TON of dumb things. my mom says that if this period would have came about before she was already pregnant with Ashley, I probably wouldn't have any siblings haha. two of these things were shoving raisins up my nose and dropping a porcelain duck on my foot (which I had to go to the hospital for and still have the scar today). there were others, my parents and I were just talking about this the other day, but I forgot.
2. I would love to be in a band someday and do vocals (or bass, if I ever get around to learning to play it). Mr. T's comment about the Brainwashed Disciples made me think that that's actually a good band name, haha.
3. I haven't showered or put on real clothes yet. yaaaaay sleeping in.
4. Aliens freak me out hardcore.
5. So do mannequins. Jesse joked once about putting a mannequin in my bed while I was sleeping, or in the back of my car so that I'd look up while driving and see it. I think if he actually went through with either of these things there's a good chance I'd pee my pants.
6. I think I have a thing for vigilante movies. Serenity, Fight Club, V for Vendetta, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...
7. Someday, I WILL have a mohawk.
8. I sleep with seven stuffed animals of various size, shape, and color, including a giant carebear.

I tag Casey! since he's the only blogger that reads this that hasn't already done it.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

yayyyy I remembered my blogger password without having to have an email sent. sweet action.

I have a window in my room. this is something that has never happened before. and HOLY CRAP I did not know the sun was THAT bright at eight in the morning. ouch. I couldn't sleep last night so I didn't get to sleep until around 2:30 and then I woke up because of the aforementioned brightness...then my mom called and woke me up for good. sigh.

Last night I had painted our shower curtain (pictures later, it was plain pink, now it's pink splattered with black fabric paint, looks freakin' sweet)...I tried to go to sleep around one but since I just couldn't manage it, I get up and wander to the kitchen where Alicia is still washing dishes. I sit down on the kitchen floor without saying anything and start picking at the fabric paint that got on it earlier...she turns around and goes "you know, it's a good thing we're living with each other and not anyone else, because anyone else would probably turn either of us in right now." haha...

I have an interview at Hot Topic today, heck yes! I'm excited. I hope I get the job. if not, there's at least one other place in the mall that I'm going to apply at.

I had the absolute CUTEST thing happen the other day(last...Thursday) though. I seriously almost died. I was in the food court talking to some friends, with Coni (she has hot pink hair), and this lady walks up to us with her little girl like...hiding behind her. She goes "Can I talk to you girls for a second?" and we're like "uh...okay" thinking she's going to chew us out or something...she pulls us aside and goes "My daughter is EXTREMELY shy, she wanted me to tell you that she loves you ladies' hair. But she thinks anyone with hair as cool as yours' must be a rock star, so she wanted me to get your autograph for her."

IT WAS ADORABLE. So we signed a little notebook for the little girl and we were talking to the lady, she said that she was really big on being your own person and that her daughter had seen pictures of her when she was younger with funky-colored hair, she thought the 'star' thing was because she used to work for a drama company and there was a guy with bright blue liberty spikes, and that was how her daughter got the idea. So freakin' cute. (and what a cool mom! seriously!)

hmmm yeah. back to trying to find a comb so I can shower, and sticky-taking up posters. it's kind of funny, actually...something I never realized until today is that out of all my decor (hah, by which I mean posters and the like), I only paid for 2 of them and those are both movie posters. seven or eight of them are my artwork, one or two is Seaira's artwork, one of them I found by the dumpster one night after work (it's perfectly clean, it was a halloween promo poster from like gamestop or something), two came with cds, and the rest are ripped or cut out of magazines or newspapers (or calvin and hobbes comics that I printed off and cut out). interesting...

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

yes, I know, shocking! a post!

I'm not sure why it's been so long, I know at least part of it is because a while ago our modem stopped working for a week and I was using my laptop, which didn't have my password on it for blogger (since I am a dork, and mostly depend on my computer knowing the passwords to my accounts to get in to them).

Last Thursday and Friday was SOAR, my orientation for was alright. I was expecting the worst after hearing Alicia's stories, and maybe it was just because she was with the socially-retarded honors students (haha, just kidding!) or something, but I met quite a few people. I got the myspace of a few. My schedule...I'm not sure if I'm going to mess with it or not. On Monday, I'm in class from like, one to eight, Tuesday and Thursday, 2-8 or thereabouts, and Wednesday from like...1-4 or something. I have Fridays off (which is definitely something I want to keep). My schedule doesn't leave a whole lotta room open for a job, but it (my schedule, that is) would kind of suck anyways because I have to take a class from 4-8 for my major on Monday, and Tuesday and Thursday had the only Art 100 class at least they're all lumped together instead of spread out throughout the day. I might see if I can scooch the Wednesday classes up some to make them earlier and have more of the afternoon free for work. I got a tip from someone about a coffee-house that wouldn't have a problem with blue hair (oh yes, more on the hair later), and another shop or two I can apply at. I'll probably call Heath later for more ideas, even if I'm getting reaaaaally sick of filling out applications...

I had a damn good weekend. Alex made an impromptu trip up here, getting here Thursday night and going home Monday morning. It was a lot of fun - Friday, they(being Alicia, Levi, and Alex) met me in Springfield after my orientation got over, and we ran around. Also got pizza that really, really sucked. It was probably just the style of pizza (St. Louis style?) but was like cheese on crackers. ew. very thin brittle crust and hardly any sauce or cheese. Anyways...after the pizza, Alicia and Levi headed home, and me and Alex dawdled around a bit, went into this shop with hand-made incense and candles (and a very fluffy, very cute dog) and I got some stuff to smellify our apartment when we finally move in (on Sunday...ouch! *needs to start packing in a serious, serious the madre keeps telling me). Speaking of which, I'm kind of pissed because our corner apartment that we were supposed to have was given to someone else. Even though we'd put a deposit on it. Why? probably because our move date was down a FULL TWO WEEKS later than we told her it would be (August 1st instead of July 15th). I don't know if our apartment lady (uhm...real estate agent?) is just a doofus or what, maybe it was just an honest mistake.

Anyways...Saturday we went to the creek with Jesse and Jerome, and it was a lot of fun. I didn't even get sunburned! (which is pretty amazing if I say so myself) and the drunken canoe-goers were HILARIOUS. Except that I kept being referred to as the 'girl with purple hair' by...floater-by, when it is very clearly blue. Sunday we just kind of hung out and I had my going away party at Journey's, which turned out to just be me, Amy, Stacy, and Heath watching Goonies and eating cake and popcorn. We stayed up late at the hotel watching movies (John Tucker Must Die and The Departed). JTMD was alright, funny but kind of dumb. although I wasn't really expecting intelligent comedy or anything. The Departed....oh my. SO LONG. It finally got over at almost three, and I was disappointed with the ending. Like, it was an okay movie, but I wouldn't have stayed up if I'd known everyone


DIEEEEEED. Sheesh. And then Monday I had to get home early.

More on the hair: I dyed was supposed to be streaked, it turned out to be most of the front half of my head. First it was a fuchsia color, then it faded to a hot pink...and then after my last day at Journey's I went to go do it blue, and tried to bleach it out...the pink didn't wanna bleach! It was still hot pink afterwards (although a lighter hot pink - it reminded me of pink lemonade with the bleach-blonde). I redyed it and I don't know if I just had bad luck with the dye (that I left on for THREE HOURS) or what, but it was a really REALLY light looked like cotton candy. Totally not what I wanted. I saw someone at the Cinna show who had dark blue hair and I asked her what she used (which turned out to be just this stuff called Splat from Walgreens) and used that...and voila, blue hair! (with purple on the side-bits) I think I'm going to finish using the bottle of dye to touch it up, and then redo it with a combination of Blue Mayhem (a bright neon blue, instead of a darker blue) and Fishbowl (a really bright turquoise). Of course, this assumes I'd have the money for that. *sigh* I'm getting it trimmed later today, finally. it's getting too long to spike up without looking like einstein.

Last night we went to go see HP at was pretty cool. I wasn't actually that impressed with the movie itself - they left a LOT of stuff out, the visit with Neville's parents in the hospital(which would have made me cry like a baby), the interview with Rita and the Quibbler, and the double-way mirror with Sirius (I'm pretty sure they might have screwed themselves over on that one, because I think JKR either said or heavily implied that the mirror will be of some level of importance in book seven), quidditch - but it was a fun experience. I went with Coni, her boyfriend, Zach, and Zach's brother (who is OBNOXIOUS. I don't see how they can be related, because Zach is a nice guy and his brother is just like, an obnoxious twit). Spent roughly two hours in the movie theatre just SITTING. haha, and I saw Mr. Withers there!! I'm surprised he recognized me, honestly. I wish he had a blog or something to keep in touch with him with, he was one of my favorite teachers.

After the movie we went to Denny's, which was all good fun (and believe it or not, we saw a good three people we know, at 3:30 in the morning at Denny's...and we met this incredibly incredibly drunk dude who was a laugh riot). And then I came home, set my alarm to wake me up at noon...fell asleep and had weird restless dreams. I woke up and went to grab my cell phone to see what time it was, but it wasn't where I left it...I'm like "oh noooo, it's like one, and I'm going to be so late for my haircut! ack!" wasn't even 11 yet. whoops.

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