Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I remembered the two other things I was going to comment upon and forgot about.

One was that, after we had to do the something nice assignment, we were told to list 25 things we were looking forward to about leaving Diamond/HS/home/etc. I glanced at Selly's paper(we were looking at each others', not like I was desperately peering over her shoulder or anything), and #1 on her list was "Not having to deal with racial slurs or comments any more". That's just...yuck. Selly's Hmong, and moved here from a big school in Milwaukee. I feel awful for her, because she's really one of the coolest people I know - funny, smart, super-art-talented, and one of the few non-sheep around here. Every time I hear "Ugh, go back to China" whispered I want to slap someone.

I'm reading 'The Bromeliad' by Terry Pratchett. I kept hearing great things about him and surprise surprise, we got two new books this year. Entertaining. Very obvious metaphors, but entertaining nonetheless.

Blake is a very talented photographer. I was checking out some of the other entries to the Quill, and he's entering a really nifty picture of what's apparently a close up on a water fountain - looks almost like hail or something. There were a few other really good entries too.

Tired, AQT in the morning, going to bed.

My BYOA Ending Will Be...

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Anyways, enough with the entirely random-but-fun quizzes.

Today was interesting enough, I suppose. Started out rather frustrating, though. Our assignment in LA IV was to write our names on a piece of paper and pass it around the room; everyone was supposed to write one nice, sincere comment about the person. I thought it was a fun assignment, at least, until people couldn't handle it. Let's say P1 and P2 for the sake of anonymity and etc. P1 asked "What if we really can't think of anything nice?" once or twice. And then, when P2's sheet came around, wrote something akin to "You're not the dumbest person I've ever met". P2 didn't write anything on P1's sheet, and when P1 saw this, she asked "So what happens if they didn't write anything?". P2 goes off and says "Well I didn't write anything on P1 because she's a mean person and there's not a single good thing about her rawr rawr rawr", was interrupted by the teacher, and told that was inappropriate. P2 was congratulated for "being the bigger person" by some people. Whoop-dee-freakin-doo. IMO, everyone was being immature about it.

I cannot stand P2. She has never, completely literally never, said or done anything remotely nice to me unless forced to, or unless immediately followed by a request for homework copying. She was a total bitch to me my entire freshman year, and she grates on my nerves. But for crying out loud, I managed to find ONE NICE THING to write down. I don't think it was asking too much.

I feel like an idiot, but I giggle every time I scroll past the word "Schlup" on Mr. T's blog. Schlup. C'mon. That's a funny word.


In Psych, we're taking an IQ test, split up over the days. Spatial was yesterday and verbal was today. I did horrendously on spatial. Okay on verbal as far as I can tell. *shrugs* Not that it amounts to much, but still.

I entered two of my photos into the Quill contest. I have a few others that I'm saving for a contest that actually has a cash or scholarship prize. Ms. Campbell thinks I should join pub next year...I might....I'm hoping to go to school for 3-4 hours a day and then take a college class or two. If that's alright with the school without jumping through too many hoops *eyeroll* I was thinking a PE class, since that's the only credit I actually need, Geography/Economics, and then maybe something else, a business class or whatsit. So maybe.

"Fine. Be a conformist. Eat Captain Crunch."

Friday, January 27, 2006

Very tired, and going to bed soon. Just felt like relating a story or two first, though. I thought it was interesting today, because we have a teacher who works at a hotel a few nights a week. And she said something about checking her email at work. One of the students asked her if she got on the internet at work, and she said "Well, they give me two hours of work and eight hours to do it in, so yes, I do."

Gee, that situation sounds familiar...

I bought a lot of fabric today at Jo-Ann's. Green leopard print flannel(soooo soft), 2 yards because it was on sale for $3/yd, and then some multicolored leopard print(which sounds tacky - but I think it's cute, tan background and then leopard spots with different colors inside the spots), again flannel, and also flannel print with blue background and white stars of different shapes. 1 yard of each, and then a yard of this black fleece with embroided cherries all over it. Which I'm going to make into a skirt tomorrow morning - was going to do it tonight, but I got home later than planned and I'm going to bed very soon - and wear tomorrow. With my boots, yay! We have a thrift store run planned in the morning/afternoon. With maybe Alicia and Compton(which is not his real name, that'd be Michael; one of Jessica's friends who's highly amusing).

I'm getting annoyed with this whole Tilt ordeal. I'm going to apply at Jo-Ann's too; I could probably use the discount. And the lady seemed impressed that someone my age bought that much fabric; she wanted to know what I was going to do with all of it, haha.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oh, and interesting note - our library, which as mentioned in the last post does not have Brave New World, or anything on Thoreau aside from a very short(less than 100 pages) biography, has not one but two books on the dangers of tattoos and body piercings, one of which cites the fact that Disneyworld doesn't allow tattoos on job applicants as a reason to not get tattoos. They also want a "conservative" look in job applicants, with "classic" hair/beauty(for women...interestingly enough, no such notes about classic beauty for guys), and natural looking makeup.

Just a random note...

The one good thing about this whole computers fiasco(because, as Alicia so eloquently pointed out, being on my blog didn't distract me much, but not being able to use computers is a pretty big pain in the butt, hinders my education, and will probably negatively affect my grades...so much for fostering academic potential) is that I end up reading more, although I suppose that isn't necessarily a good thing because I should be doing homework instead of reading Flowers for Algernon. Not important homework, anyways, so it doesn't matter. Also, I think it's a little weird how "piece of crap" was profane enough to get me banned from the computers for at least six weeks(haven't actually personally checked in yet; but I'm assuming, since that's how long Lydia's banned), and yet apparently relatively obscene rap songs are getting blared over the loudspeakers at basketball games. Weird how that works.

Aforementioned book is depressing. I knew it would be, read the short version and saw the movie in eighth grade, but felt I should read the book. Next up would be Brave New World, if we HAD it in our library. Alas no.

I finished Dead Like Me season 2 tonight. It just kind of...ends. It sucks when actual good shows get cancelled and mindless drivel is still aired.

I really need to finish my LA IV short story. I hate writer's block. My zones keep getting all mixed up. I have an art zone, a writing zone, god forbid even a math zone if it's easy enough, and I keep having to switch back and forth. By the time I actually get going at something the blasted bell rings and I have to, at the very least, stand up and move halfway across the building mid-line/sentence/problem, if not work on a totally different assignment for an hour and then try and go back only to find the spot in my head that previously had the rest of the sentence or paragraph or line or problem to be frustratingly blank.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Today was a Monday, as most have you may have noticed.

I have concluded that as a general rule, Mondays suck. Or at the very least, they suck more than the rest of the week in which I have to attend classes at that building they call school.

Why? I'm not really sure. It's just a rule, that tends to work. Wednesdays are second up, I think, because at that point I'm halfway through the week, already sick of it, and still feeling like Friday is a verrrrry distant life preserver that I can hardly see on the horizon(just like I was on Monday), even though it's only two days away. And I hate the repetitiveness of these weeks. Monday through Friday, same classes, same crap, same mind-numbingly-boring bits and pieces of watered down information, in at least one class that's a sure bet, and usually two or three others. And then the two classes that aren't, as a general rule, as mind-numbing as the rest pile on the work. Woo-hoo. Rinse and repeat.

(not in the best of moods, you may have noticed)

I'm tired. There was nobody at school today. I mean, Alicia had a good reason, Jessica was sick...but just about literally half the school was gone. I don't know if they were all sick, or just decided to skip on the same day, or what, but it was really weird. Our lunch table was cold and devoid of life. Alicia, Jess, Joe, and Daniel were all gone.

I watched the Island yesterday. It was good.

The flower to box screensaver on the other computer is doing extremely strange things.

I'm cold. I wish the weather would make up its mind.

I'll finish that line of non-sequiturs with the statement that my one short story is coming along relatively well for language. The LA class that's not a total waste of time and energy. I'm entering the short story in the Writers of the Future(or something similar) contest....I'll probably write a haiku or something for the Missouri Teachers yada yada one. I dunno, two weeks just isn't enough time for me to come up with two decent short stories...so I'll shoot for a good short story and a decent haiku. Haha.

People are weird. We don't make sense.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Stacia and I saw Pride and Prejudice yesterday, as aforementioned. It's a nice movie - kind of long and slow-ish, but good nonetheless. I was surprised because Keira Knightley was actually decent to good in it, and in the two other movies I've seen she's either decentish(Pirates of the Caribbean) or just absolutely horrible(King Arthur). Speaking of P o C, I really really want to see the sequel...Johnny Depp...yummmm. I also reeeeeeally want to see Brokeback Mountain! Even aside from the fact that it has Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger in it(*drools*), it's supposed to be really good. We rented The Island and I'll probably be watching that later today...or maybe earlier; I'm going to call Jessica and see what she feels like doing, if she's still sick then it'll probably be one of those lay-around-cut-up-paint-on-clothes-watch-movies days. With vacuuming though; blech.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

We went to conference today(which resulted in me waking up nauseatingly early...and now I'm tired)...and got first! Whoo!

The games went relatively well until the last match against Jasper. See, on math questions, we get 15 seconds to answer(as opposed to the normal ten). If someone buzzes in and says an answer, there's only five(maybe ten? can't remember) seconds left for the other team to answer before time is called. So they'd buzz in with a stupid answer as soon as the question was finished, leaving Alicia less time to finish it in. Technically speaking, this is a decent strategy, and it wouldn't have annoyed me so much if they only did it once or twice(Sarcoxie did once, but that was it). But they did it on every single math question, and that's just pathetic/asinine. If you can't win honestly, why would you want to win?

And this Sarcoxie dude took our friggin pizza. We ordered two large pizzas, and we're chowing down...this guy walks over and goes "Hey, do you guys have any BBQ pizza?" "Uhh...no." "Okay," and he just walks off with a big slice of our cheese pizza. Which I was eating. Later someone makes a remark about how we inhaled the pizza in five minutes flat, and I said "Well, there is eight of us." Jake: "Yeah, plus that guy that STOLE OUR PIZZA!" haha...Jake is a funny funny guy...anyways, we never did figure out if he thought that the Sarcoxie guy

I'm going to go see Pride and Prejudice with Stacia and possibly Alicia later tonight, then maybe hang out somewhere before/afterwards. Think I'm gonna call it a relatively early night, though, 'cause I'm tired and not feeling too well(nasty sore throat for some reason).

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Oh this is rich.

I get called into the office seventh hour. Mr. Wright walks in after me and I think "Well, they caught us going around the school's blocks. Oh well...". She sits me down, conversation goes something like this(not exactly, but this is the gist - I was so pissed off at the time that I can't remember exactly what she said except for a few parts):

"Have you done anything that violates the technology user agreement?"
"Yeah, I used a website to go around the school blocks and look at some blogs, that in my opinion didn't contain any inappropriate for school material."
"Did you make any posts on your blog?"
*thought - oops, maybe this isn't all that simple*
"Yes, I did."
"Did you say anything bad about the school or its teachers?"
"How would you like it if someone said things like that about you?"
"I don't care."
"Well, Michelle, if you have a problem with this school or a teacher here, you should tell me about it rather than posting it on a website. You know that's defamation of character, right?"
"Saying bad things about someone?"
"Yes, that teacher - and I haven't told her - could sue if you she wanted. I'm not threatening to sue you, but in the real world[how I love it when they use that phrase] you could get hauled off in handcuffs for something like that. Does your mother know that you say things like this, and use profanity in your blog?"
"My mom reads my blog."
"Do you really think the class is that bad?"
"Yes, I do."
"Is it so bad as to be 'killing brain cells'?"
"Then you need to tell me about it instead of posting it behind her back. How would you feel if someone did that to you?"
"I don't care."
"Well someday you will! This isn't a bad school..."

Etc. etc. yada yada yada. She made some remark about how if I don't like it at Diamond, I can leave. Thanks, where am I going to go exactly? Unfortunately, I'm screwed unless some distant relative croaks and I come into enough cash to make it into a private school or some similar miracle happens. And somewhere in there, she either stated explicitly or heavily implied that if I said bad things about a teacher on here again(at school or home not clarified), I'd get in trouble. However, when my mom went to speak to her, she said nothing of the sort. Although she did say that when I left her office I slammed the door hard enough to shake the wall. Whoops.

Anyways, let's check out the definition of "defamation of character":

In English and American law, and systems based on them, libel and slander are two forms of defamation (or defamation of character), which is the tort or delict of publishing (meaning to a third party) a false statement that negatively affects someone's reputation. "Defamation" is the term generally used internationally, and is accordingly used in this article where it is not necessary to distinguish between "libel" and "slander".

from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defamation_of_character

Let's see. Did I say anything that wasn't true? Nope. Guess I'm not sue-worthy then. And take a look at the post below - no profanity. I don't think "crap" counts.

I despise our language class. She's trying to tell us that fate and coincidence are the same thing and that fate is just dumb luck. Uh, how about you try using a dictionary. When Shane pointed out that the dictionary say that fate is the OPPOSITE of coincidence, she goes "Well all I can say is that I went to seminary and I know the difference." You stupid piece of crap, I don't give a rat's hind parts what your church says fate is. What I care about is what the dictionary, the reference book that people use to define words in the English language, says. Not only that, she said that she explained fate as dumb luck in class so that's what we should have put down. 2+2=5, kiddos. If the teacher says it, it's true.

We had to do a capitalization worksheet two days ago. As in, what letters in a sentence do you capitalize, and you aren't allowed to just capitalize random letters in a sentence.

Let's let that fact sink in. A capitalization worksheet as juniors in high school. Yup, same work we did in second grade. So let's see, WHY AM I REQUIRED TO TAKE THIS CLASS THAT'S DOING NOTHING BUT KILLING BRAIN CELLS?!

I wonder if it ever occurred to them that maybe I wanted to use those for something later on in life. Hm.

I'm thinking not.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Sometimes we all forget how lucky we are. No matter how much your life sucks, there's someone out there who has it worse. If you have food, running water, a house, and clean clothes, you're better off than half the world's population, if not more. A stupid counselor, annoying people, and idiots seem so much smaller when one realizes there are five year olds out there who have to work for money. Keep it in mind.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bored bored bored.

I think too much. This is not good for my mental health, and often leads to me making smartass remarks which could be bad for my physical health. Although it's not like anybody's going to beat up someone my size anyways, smartass remarks or no.

Anyways, I think my New Year's resolution is working at least somewhat. I find myself biting my tongue less, and this makes me happier/less stressed, even if other people are more likely to think I'm a bitch. Not like it bothers me.

Yesterday was not a happy day. Everyone was on edge and all rawr.

There's a game tonight w/McCauley...to my mother's(and sister's) horror I'll probably be sitting on their side because I have a few friends from McCauley, one who'll be playing and one who's just going to the game. Yay for having less than no school spirit.

Monday, January 16, 2006

I found the link to the cat video that actually works - here.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Okay, so it turns out the other link for the cat video didn't work...so (taken out 'cause the site's screwy and just links to an ad for a men's magazine) a direct link to a zip file that has the video. It's worth it, so GO DOWNLOAD IT NOW. ner.

Also, I listed that duct tape bag. So...go look or bid or something. Pretty please?

Today's Friday the 13th.

*cue scary music*

Not really. 'Cause yeah.

Zach's a turd. Using his stealth ninja skills to disconnect my computer.

The Ultimate Showdown thing Alicia linked to is highly amusing. And now I have the song stuck in my head again.

I'm not doing anything tonight, but this should be a not bad weekend. Going shopping(not really...just hanging out, all I need is freezer paper for stencils and more black fabric paint...also to pick up How to Clean Everything), and then going to see Pride and Prejudice with Stacia. Then going home, and going to fencing the next day with Lydia. Woo-hoo. Hopefully that certain person won't be there. Along the same vein, I really hope no more calls from Spencer take place. I don't have the patience and if I get another "woe is me" spiel I might go off at him.

Oh, and everyone should check this out. 'Cause it's freaking hilarious(I laughed for probably 20 minutes the first time I saw it). And it's Friday the 13th. I think that's a correct link, I'll change it when I get home if it's not.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Blech. The ex called. Blah di blah blah blah, I'm so depressed, blah blah blah, I look like a freak now because I have dreads(if you didn't want them, why the hell did you get them? twit), blah blah boring blah. I swear he calls people just to hear himself talk, because I literally said three sentences the entire time, and the rest of it was "Okay".

Actually, this sums it up very well(msn conversation betwixt Alicia and I; I said the ex called, she asked what he had to say, I said the above):

alicia says:
besides "I'm pathetic without you... and with you, but that doesn't matter... I think I'll comb my hair over sideways and slit my wrists"
"And if wishes were horses, we'd all be eating steak." says:
[he said] I've been ever so depressed since we broke up
"And if wishes were horses, we'd all be eating steak." says:
"And if wishes were horses, we'd all be eating steak." says:
"And if wishes were horses, we'd all be eating steak." says:
he said he got sent to Lakeland for a week...because he ODed...he never made it clear if that was accidental or not...but either way I was restraining myself from giving him a "stop being pathetic and self-pitying and get the hell OVER it"
alicia says:
"listen michelle, do you hear that? that is my pain and agony spilling out as I draw the knife slowly over my pale sk--OW HELL that hurts"
alicia says:
the boy has problems
alicia says:
he needs a Jesus
alicia says:
you're not his Jesus
"And if wishes were horses, we'd all be eating steak." says:
I think I'm a bad person
"And if wishes were horses, we'd all be eating steak." says:
"And if wishes were horses, we'd all be eating steak." says:

(Lakeland is some kind of mental place/rehab for teens, from what I gather)

That sums it up pretty well. I have such witty friends. But yeah, he went into this big spiel about how he's been in a downward spiral since we broke up, because the one thing he was hoping for was that we wouldn't break up, and etc. etc. yada yada, there should've been an intermission. I'm sorry, but c'mon, it was over two months ago. And we dated for two months. You should be well over it by now. Dave says either I've got powers, he's messed up, or both. I'm thinking it's the second, because I know I'm not that great(and I don't mean that in a self-pitying way, I mean that in a someone would have to be a freakin' angel to deserve that). As the below quiz result said, I'm a narcissist...I know what my flaws are and I'm still proud of them. So go find another emo kid or something, 'cause all you're doing is annoying the crap out of me.

Getting kicked off the computer, that's my rambling inward glance/rant for the day. How exciting.

Hmm. I'm not sure if the font stuff on this is going to be working right, as it's on IE and the school computers are being stupid, so I'm probably going to be saving this as a draft and then double-checking later in the day and making sure it's not screwed up before publishing it with the original time.

Just in case anyone notices anything wonky.

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Yay for pointless yet sometimes scarily accurate quizzes.

We have a rather silly assignment in LA IV. We wrote down 16 items out of 20 - stuff like author/actor, famous quote, location, form of transporation, holiday, etc. - and then traded slips, keeping two of our own. And now I have 16(15 actually, 'cause somehow I got gypped out of one - my life is ruined, oh how ruined) things I need to work into a complete short story. My favorite one was the ideal date one - I put down "go to a NOFX concert and then have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles marathon afterwards". Which I kept, because I figured a. nobody else besides Jessica knew who NOFX was, or b. nobody else would appreciate it.

Anyways, my short story is turning out relatively well, I think, considering the inherent inane insanity(yay for alliteration) of the assignment. I might post it, depending on how long it is. Along with the stuff I had to work with. But the second assignment, which, although also slightly inane, is creative at least, is to make a "found poem" - to take the words/phrases we already have, and phrases from magazines or newspapers, cut them out and make a poem out of them.

I was drug tested again today. Tammy and I both. This is the second time(possibly in a row, I can't quite remember). Which is silly.

I'm working on stenilling all over this old jacket I have, that I've only worn maybe three times - kinda army style, green, no designs or anything. My mom walked in and saw it laying on the table while I was working on it, and wanted to know why I was stencilling one of my dad's army jackets and if he said it was okay. It took a bit of reassurance to get her to believe that yes, it was mine, and it was okay.

I'm tired. And this snow thing is ironically infuriating(more alliteration). By the time the ground was frozen over(i.e. this morning), and the snow would actually stick if it WAS snowing, it decides to go back up to 60. Or so I hear, I haven't been outside since this morning, when it was, indeed cold.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I have concluded I'm a loser magnet. Spencer, Elmo(don't ask, one of Jessica's friends...), and now this guy Joey.

Who went to our school and spent probably six years in high school. Who I ran into on Saturday at the mall as I was filling out the longer Tilt application(guess they have two), and who talked to me just about the entire time I was trying to fill it out. I've never spoken to this guy before. That's not an exagerration, at all. At some point during his ramblings he said we should hang out sometime and asked me for my cell phone number. I had just used it to get a reference number and couldn't make up any fibs about it being broken or anything, so I was forced to give it to him. He's already called me twice. Eesh.

I don't get it. But I definitely do not like it. Blech.

Monday, January 09, 2006

I finished that duct-tape bag that's been lying around without a strap since way before xmas break...


Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Bag in action(and yeah, I look bad, but way too lazy to take another picture)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm not sure if I want it now. Which is kind of annoying. Maybe I'll put it up on ebay.

His Gregariousness called on Saturday. In an Eeyore mood. While I was shopping with Lydia. Conversation went something like...

"Hey"(in mumbly tone all dragged out, I think "oh CRAP there's no way this'll turn out happy")
"Oh, hi"
"What're you doing?" (mumbly tone continued)
"Shopping with Lydia..."
"Oo-h. Do you want me to go?" (tone continued...)
"Yup, 'cause I'm busy"
"Okay, bye" *click*

Haven't spoken since. Kinda nice.

I really really really hope it snows enough to get us out of school. I've noticed; vacations are not good for my work ethic. I get back to school and I'm just not motivated, bored, don't want to be there, and can't stop thinking of things I'd rather be doing instead. And keep wanting to find excuses to go home. It's going to take another two weeks before I get used to things again, I think.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

So, I finished the shoes. And a skirt. That I doubt I'm going to wear as it turned out more mini that I intended, so it'll probably go on ebay. I paid $4 for the lot, so I think things turned out well. Especially considering that I used the leftover material from editing the skirt to edge the shoes. Anyways, pictures:

Before shoes:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Very grandma, hmm?

After(many many hours of work):

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Comfy too.

Skirt, before:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

That was really really easy though. But hey, I filled my free time, I just wish it wouldn't have took so long...'cause I still have all those plain shirts, all...plain.

But yeah, I'm gonna go to bed now, 'cause my mom's trying to sleep and I'll get shrieked at if I disturb her...

Saturday, January 07, 2006

My shoes better break in fast. 'Cause as is, the canvas(they're canvas hi-tops) is rubbing against the outside of my ankle in a funny way that's leaving welts. Actual welts. And ow. And I don't have any higher socks.

Though Casey said...haha...*makes note to remind Casey once he has $12*

Lydia and I went thrift store shopping today. It was fun. I got three plain shirts(one a verrry comfy slightly oversized hoodieshirt) to paint on, a plain pair of canvas grandma-shoes to mess with(for TWO DOLLARS! before and after pics will probably be posted), a plain plaid skirt to mess with and then sell on ebay, and then...dun dun dun...the best one: a reversible pink plaid skirt(with fishnet on the inside) that was brand new and is ohsocomfy. And reversible! As I mentioned. For $7. I lurve thrift stores, oh yes I do.

Then we went to Lydia's house, where we had burritoes. I proceeded to help her with her blog for LA-IV, which now has a counter in Chinese, of all the wondrous things. ( check it out ) We mused about the prettiness of...errr...this guy from the Who whose initials are R.D. I forgot his name. We didn't end up going to fencing, so we'll probably be doing that either tomorrow or next weekend.

I got home and about 20 minutes later Jessica and Stacia wanted to do something. I said okay. We just went to random places and drove around. And yickiness ensued. I think I'm allergic to people. I really do. Then there was a mini-crisis with Stacia's car. She just has bad luck with those things.

Tomorrow will probably be spent mostly at home creating new things. Unless I go to fencing. I dunno.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Oh. I forgot to state. I ordered shoes on eBay the day before Christmas Eve, and just got them today, and they are BEYOND....errr....rad, to use Casey's word. My brain has ceased to work very well. I think it automatically shuts off at 11:30. Anyways, maybe I'll post pictures if I get bored tomorrow. But they're so cool.

Lydia and I might be going to fencing tomorrow, or maybe Sunday. Depends. But I'm happy. I miss it. Maybe if things aren't too weird(long story) I'll start going regularly again.

10 random songs for the day will be scattered throughout the blog entry, which might be annoying, but hey, it's fun. Right?

(or I'm just really really bored)

Set Me Free - Pennywise (good song, but I like Victim of Reality better...hmm...)

I have concluded I really really don't like school. It's just not fun. And, yeah, just...not really any good qualities. (So Much the Same - Heckle...one of those bands I forget is on my playlist 'til it comes up...but good song nonetheless, fast punk, whoo *makes note to look up cds again)

The classes are boring, there's all of 15 people I would willingly hang out with, and just...I have no motivation. I want to stay home and do my own thing, rather than waste my time there. I'd learn as much. (Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult - whoo hoo this is the song I listened to multiple times to annoy that stupid hick I worked with...fun song anyways) Maybe it's because I'm sick. Or maybe I'm just having one of my antisocial swings. I dunno.

I'm actually pretty ticked about the virus. I usually get sick once or twice in a winter, almost always before winter break. Year before last I was sick for like two weeks straight with a nasty nasty virus, but I didn't get sick hardly at all the rest of the time. And here I was thinking I'd got out free. But nope.

I think I'm going fleamarketing tomorrow morning with Lydia and Alicia. Getting x-acto knives and whatever else I can find dirt cheap that I can cut up/remake/etc. That's becoming an increasingly used outlet for me. It's weird, but it makes me feel better to take something that was ugly, or that I never wore, and turn it into something that I can wear and think "haha, I made it". Also it's a lot cheaper.

Cat Killer City - Broken Bottles(I had no idea this song was even on my playlist, again. unfortunately it's not as good as the other forgotten track. kinda nasally vocals. a little repetitive. )

Nothing At All - Unsung Zeros (BLECH nasty emo. I skipped it. no idea why it's even on my computer.)

Pat Robertson is a twit. A really really big twit. He's one of those people I just want to hit. His following disturbs me as well. (Kill the Night - Hot Water Music...good song...and bonus points for being off Rock Against Bush 2)

I'm Shipping Off to Boston - Dropkick Murphys...freaking awesome...though I like Flogging Molly better

We've had Mrs. Martin as a sub two days in a row for LA III. I think she must be related to Mrs. Fidler. Both annoy me. A lot.

I Scare Myself - Glow (I love AMP magazine, otherwise I'd never find off-the-wall bands like this. funky...stuff...not really too sure what it is...but it's good)

No calls from that-one-gregarious-guy for somewhere around 3 days now. If I wasn't appreciating the lack of having to talk so much, I might almost be worried. But I'm not.

NOFX - And Now For Something Completely Similar (it's NOFX. it rocks by default. )

30 second sample from the Clampdown, which is a local band from Fayetteville, that I need to look into more, 'cause what I've heard is good, and also their name is a reference to my favorite Clash song(and possibly favorite song period).

1979 - the God Awfuls (good fast pissed off music. makes me warm and fuzzy. )

Woah. And out of 1191 other songs, it went to Tonight from the same band. Small odds. Also a good song. Not my favorite off the album, but what can ya do?

Speaking of things in the music area, I'm hopefully going to a concert at the Rockwell tomorrow. Which is in Springfield. Whooo. If Jessica doesn't have to work.

Rise Up - Pressure Point. I have a lot of songs on here I'd forgotten. It's from another comp though, which is where most of the other forgotten songs are from. Give 'Em the Boot 4 to be specific. Nice song anyways. I like it. Actually, after listening to the whole thing, I really like it.

And the last song is the earlier mentioned song by the Clash, the Clampdown. Nice way to end it.
Ouch. My contacts went all screwy and now I'm wearing these godforsaken glasses. How I hate them.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Well this is fun. This school is only one of the most incredible wastes of my time I've ever experienced.

See, I have 20th Century History for seventh hour. I was told originally it would switch into Government, which I've already had, and I figured, hey, that's fine, I'll find something to do last hour.

They changed their minds. And said Economics. And I still figured hey, he's easily one of my favorite teachers here, I can deal. The class won't be too bad. We kept asking, they said, "yes, for sure, economics it will be."

I walked into class today and said "Mr. Withers, I feel like CRAP." His response was "You're going to feel even crappier when you have to find something to take instead of government."

He was informed at 8:05 this morning.


Is it too hard to ask that a place where I'm supposed to be getting my basic education for life operate with some semblance of decency and professionalism or is that just totally out of the question?!

Anyways. So I go to see "that man". And he says, no, I cannot take Advanced Art, because I already have one art class. Hence, I am a library aid now. Which will be a MUCH more productive and educational use of my time, I'm sure. This makes the same kind of sense that allowing Lydia in Advanced Art(the same hour I want in, actually), even though she hasn't taken a SINGLE art class, makes. Woo freakin' hoo.

I can't wait to go home.