Thursday, March 29, 2007

Haha, I'm reading an interview with this band called Thee Pirates and they crack me up. It's too bad I can't find any of their actual CDs (I'm guessing they didn't put one out).

Interviewer: How about you. What’s your main goal in the band Thee Pirates?

Scabby: Rock and roll until I’m 84.

John: 84? You’re supposed to say rock and roll forever, dude.

Scabby: I’ll be dead before I’m 84.

John: Still, rock and roll until you’re dead.


Scabby: My personal goal is to play music forever, be in a band until I die and to drink coffee.

Billy: And drink coffee?

Scabby: And get tattoos. And that’s it.


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so with my last paycheck + tax refund, I got:

-makeup brush set
-Urban Decay potion primer (this stuff that you put on before you put your eyeshadow on, and it keeps it on ALL FREAKING DAY, it's AMAZING :D *makes me happy*)
-uumm...I'm thinking four Kryolan eyeshadow colors (neon pink, neon blue, neon green, and ORANGE), plus four different kinds of grommet tape (two yards each of black cotton, red cotton, and turquoise cotton, and then one yard of black lace, going to see which of the blacks looks best with my dress design for prom)
-Sex Objects by the Briefs
-LP III by the Soviettes
-M.I.A. by the Germs
-Slapstick s/t cd
-Los Angeles by X (all the cds were through Interpunk, shipped yesterday and I can't wait to get them all!)
-the s/t Avengers CD through Penelope Houston's site
-ten balls of yarn
-Neverwhere, Mirrormask, Good Omens, and the eighth Young Wizards book

I think I might be addicted to online shopping. maybe. haha. but I'm so looking forward to getting all of far all I've got is the brush set and the Urban stuff. But the Slapstick CD was backordered, which is why it didn't ship until yesterday, and I just ordered six of the ten balls of yarn, the Avengers CD, and all the books/Mirrormask DVD. The makeup should definitely be here by tomorrow (I'm excited woo hoo!). I can't wait to get the CDs either...I got a pretty good mix of older and newer stuff, I think. In between that and the books I should be entertained for a while.

The sweater held up well at work on Sunday. I re-blocked it because it got a little saggy at the end of the day, and did an extra row around the neckline to make it a little tighter...I need to write up a pattern as best I can from the notes to post on craftster. I've had kind of a crappy week, but at least it's looking up...the blood drive on Monday sucked! (but I got a t-shirt...still all bruised however) Tuesday and yesterday both sucked hardcore. My windshield wipers broke on the way to school (while it happened to be pouring down rain), so I got soaked trying to fix them, and then had to drive like 40 miles an hour to get to school so that I didn't hit anything or go off the road. There's some work-related stuff too...I don't think it's as bad as I thought it was going to be at least. Hopefully. Either way, Amy purposefully scheduled me off next week on that I don't have to deal with the extreme douchebag of a regional manager we have.

haha. I actually just said the phrase 'I gotta finish this blog post and then I can go' to my dad. I <3 my geekiness.

Oh man, I still need to order than YAAAAAAARN shirt! >_< *writes note, maybe I can do it next paycheck if I don't have enough money now*

I saw Casey and Kassie! that was neat.

Alex is gonna be here tomorrow! WOOOO! and Mrs. Culp is bringing her ferret to class! fun to be had for all! :D killer weekend planned. or not planned, but it'll be killer anyways.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

TMNT was AMAZING. just plain freakin' sweet. no other words.

And I finished the sweater. I am SO proud. it turned out pretty well. pictures (I'll do more details later, the flu of doom is kicking my butt...had a fever off and on all day Wednesday and I had to call in to work and actually not come in when I couldn't find anyone to cover my shift for the first time since I've been working at Journey's...anyways, still all achey and sick)

(at least my bra straps match the shirt right? haha)

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

so I'm sitting here because the Shining creeped me out and I'm not really tired anyways...against all logic. but yeah, picture of the WIP: (that's work in progress)

^this is the front (or back, one side, whatever) of the sweater (and yes, the neckline is meant to be asymmetrical)

^and this is the sleeve (or part of it) for the off-shoulder side

I made it so that the sleeve(s) will only go down to about elbow length. I want the ends of the sleeves to be verrrrry slightly belled and I figured rather than trying to figure out a slope for the whole sleeve design, I'll just crochet the sleeves on starting at the elbow and bell it as I go along.

I made my etsy goals for the weekend(see little thing in blogger sidebar - who's proud of me?! :D). Barring the legwarmers, which I frogged because I was getting frustrated, so I'm working on a different method now. I even listed a bunch of shoes and some purses on my brand-spankin' new ebay profile. (that I've already used to buy some crap. Urban something makeup brand Primer Potion and a set of makeup brushes, but Paypal is being SO SLOW in the payment so I probably won't get them 'til like next week...) I can't wait for my Best Buy order to get here either. That's the only bad thing about ordering spend money, but it doesn't feel like you do since you don't get anything in your hands.

Anyways, hopefully I'll have enough by the end of this week (between eBay, listing some stuff for my mom, and my tax return - WHICH BETTER GET HERE THIS WEEK or some federal heads are going to roll, I tells ya) that I can get a new pair of Vans I've been lusting over for ages from Journey's, some Kryolan makeup off of eBay (also definitely lustworthy...yummy neon colors!), and make an order off for some 4-5 cds and an on-sale t-shirt to boot. That would make for a very, very happy Michelle indeed.

Urban Decay. that's the brand.

I got warm fuzzies because the new girl, who, FYI, I haven't actually worked with yet, just met in passing a few times, was like "oh hey I have something to ask you about!". She wanted me to see if I could turn a shawl into a purse (I told her I'd have to see the purse design) and fix up a shirt for her. And I mean, I was going to do it, but I was a little miffed because I thought it was rather presumptuous seeing as how we had only talked in passing, to assume that I'd do her favors. (and I get so many people who are all "hey yeah, so can you make me a hat like the one you made one of your close friends as a CHRISTMAS PRESENT and spend like $6-10 in materials and then two or three hours of your time, for free? please?" and I'm like, WTF are you smoking, that it rubbed a bit) anyways, she goes "yeah, if you could do that, I would appreciate it SO MUCH, and then just let me know what I owe you, 'kay?"


and then I forgot and left it in the back room.


behold the angry gay cupcake! (which reminds me, I need to start working on Heath's b-day present...stencilled t-shirt, must be done by the 26th)

neat, I already sold that book I put up for sale on etsy. although it was a way way reduced price and I'm probably going to make all of $3 off of it. since it won't fit in the $#@%ing padded envelope we have. oh well, more feedback at least.

and Jordan still owes me $10! *makes note*

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Friday, March 16, 2007

rainbow bag - FINISHED
purple flower crocheted and on the cloche - done

I'm so proud. And I am almost, ALMOST, done with the front half of my sweater. pictures tomorrow.

I stopped by the DAV today and got some awesome stuff...this blue and black leopard print top that actually fits me (yeah, no resewing, amazing right?), a black and red snakeskin skirt that I'm going to add ruching in the sides and put on etsy (or maybe keep for myself, but probably put on etsy), a hot pink plain shirt (I think I'm going to redo and put on etsy, also cut off the sleeves and use them to make armwarmers with next item), and these hot pink and yellow leopard print pants. Part of which will be a skirt and part of which will be the aforementioned armwarmers. and then I'm sure part will be left over, but I don't know what to use it for. aaaand I have a b/w gingham skirt from my last trip there that I finally got some reconning inspiration on. woo-hoo.

something like 3/8s of a set of funky purple legwarmers done crocheting too. need to finish that, my sweater, and my hot pink corset thingie. preferably before the end of this weekend.

project graduation is stupid and the lady who runs it is such an insufferable snob. I'm supposed to show up to volunteer for this thing tomorrow, and I'm supposed to be at work at five. Screw that, I'm not volunteering and wasting my free time before work. It's not like I didn't already volunteer at the fireworks place and sell fireworks. And I'm bringing food and $20, I'm just turning around and leaving after that.

need to sign up for the next round of wardrobe refashion...

I've been feeling ucky all day. My blood sugar keeps doing funky things (I almost passed out at the mall), and I haven't been sleeping well all week which doesn't really help. And no matter how much I eat I'm STILL HUNGRY!

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

la di da. I need to finish my two shirts(or, more correctly, a shirt and a sweater) so I can do more pictures with Alicia. (The ones we did yesterday turned out pretty freakin' awesome, by the way. can't wait to get them on CD so I can get some prints) My ideas with the two handspun yarns didn't really work out. Still clueless as to what to do with them. I did come up with a neat idea involving hot pink nylon thread. You'll see...

my etsy sales have been nonexistent, except for the one hat. I need to get the purse and cloche I have here up (which I haven't mostly because it involves stitching up the purse, and crocheting a flower for the cloche). Maybe mark down some of the more wintery stuff? spring stuff is hard...there's not a lot you can do that's one-size-fits all. I have a few thrifty things to remake. blah blah blah...*makes a list*

oh yeah, and people are way stupid. but you guys already knew that, right?

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Friday, March 09, 2007

hmm. I got my handspun yarn from Etsy today. Happy happy joy joy! Just in time for spring break. (and on that note:

HALLELUJAH! etc. etc.)


(note the pink nail polish, half of the pink + orange nail polish that Lydia oh-so-kindly noticed and complimented me on today)

I realized that the colors would probably show better in untwisted hank form. One (the one in a ball) is a rougher wool/nylon blend, 87 yds, and has a freakin' rainbow array of all these neon colors - thick'n'thin, going from a little over worsted to very very thin, I was wondering if it'd break when I was winding it). The only thing that ticked me off a bit is that it still had a tiny tiny bit of vegetable matter left in it. The other one is a wool/mohair blend (100 yards) and is soooooo soft! They make me want to learn to spin faster. I found a neat drop-spindle kit on etsy for a reasonable price, with some roving (from animal friendly indie farms) included.

The issue is that I don't know what to do with either of them. Unless they're worked waaay loose, the yardage isn't really enough to do anything significant...I already have a scarf, and I'm not so big on hats most of the time. Wrist/leg warmers? maybe *shrugs* The neon thick'n'thin screams eighties to me...too bad I couldn't really see them combined, waaay too many colors at once. I'm thinking some kind of super-see-through corset tank with the neon, and...I don't know what yet with the other yarn. Plus I've got all of this(very soft acrylic/mohair blend):

waiting to be made into a sweater. (again, sheer, either long-sleeved or 3/4ths sleeved, off the shoulder)

Maybe I'll use the leftovers from all of them and do a mixed sweater, a la this. (and at some point, I'm definitely making my own version of the 'only anarchists are pretty' shirt. haha. I'd like to meet her someday) the teal in the handspun matches the teal in the acrylic/mohair blend almost maybe I can use those two together. ooh, an idea on that. hmm. neat., either bed or more sitting here and thinking. but I am SO glad spring break is here. and Alex is coming at the end of this month! yay!!

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

lala...thinking too much.

I feel better than I have been. It sounds so very stupid, but I've always believed that I would be so much happier...or maybe not happier, that's probably part of the point, but that I would rather be annoyed/angry and be doing or saying what's right; still having my opinions, than apathetic. And until really recently, it felt like no matter what I did I was slipping into apathy, into all of these habits that I hate so much in other people...where I would have, six months or a year ago, said "dude, you're being an idiot, and this is why your opinion makes no sense" I was just biting my tongue and thinking why bother. But then I wasn't, and hey, if I'm still being sarcastic to ignorant people, then life goes on.

I finished Invisible Monsters. and it's...I dunno, kind of the same as Fight Club. I like them, yeah. The way he writes though, it's a little...nihilistic? pretentious? kind of both. Especially since he's absolutely obsessed with the idea of self-destruction as a means of...not self-improvement, wrong word I guess. Reaching nirvana? They both have a philosophy like Buddhism on steroids.

"There isn't any real you in you," she says. "Even your physical body, all your cells will be replaced within eight years."
Skin, bones, blood, and organs transplant from person to person. Even what's inside you already, the colonies of microbes and bugs that eat your food for you, without them you'd die. Nothing of you is all-the-way yours. All of you is inherited.

And there are some parts of Fight Club that I agree with wholeheartedly, and some that I'm like "c'mon, gimme a break." He does have at least one definite good point in IM though: is power the way money is power the way a loaded gun is power.

blah, blah, blah

And I just don't know what to do about next year. Because I don't know if living off campus would be too much all at once, but at the same time, I think if I had to deal with some random stranger in a room twice the size of mine, with all these restrictions on where and when I can go, where and when people can come see me, no overnight leaving or visitors, no candles or incense or anything that could POSSIBLY be construed as a weapon, and I'm just...I don't know how many pointless rules I can take, after this 12 year stint of them. I'd probably just end up breaking them on accident or not, and get kicked out, big ol waste of money there. Plus, the way it's set up, I can't just be in for the fall semester and then switch out when I have enough credits, it's an all or nothing deal. Kind of stupid IMO. Also, pricy. It'd be cheaper to live off campus. Only issue there is that I'd have to be making that money at a job, it couldn't be covered by scholarships. On the other hand, if I'm *not* staying in the dorms, probably 100% of my tuition will be covered by scholarships, with some spill-over. So now the big deal is roommmate (only one person that comes to mind, and I don't want to be like "hey Alicia so you're moving in with me right", esp. when she hasn't made up her mind already, be all peer-pressurey, haha) or studio apartment. Studio apartment could be good, except I'd get lonely probably, and I don't think it'd be fair to a pet to get one, since I'd be gone quite a bit. Unless it was something relatively small, like a ferret, or self-sufficient, like a cat.

oh well, I'll think about it in the morning. Oh yeah, and note to self: check out the Byrd scholarship again, and see about getting forms for Bright Flight.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

ganked...but funny

Musical Numbers From Fight Club! The Musical.

By Michael Schulman and Allysha Powanda

"Bob Had Bitch Tits"

"Marla's Lament"

"His Name Was Tyler Durden, Durden"

"You Can't Talk About Fight Club ... but You Can Sing About Fight Club!"

"Our Soapy Paradise"

"(Haven't Been ****ed Like That Since) Grade School"

"The Project Mayhem Tango"

"Bob Had Bitch Tits" (reprise)

"Just the One of Us"

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

blah...bad night, bad mood. (warning ya right here: bitchy post ahead) or I guess it wasn't so bad. I don't know. I just get sick of it, all of it, no matter what I don't fit in at all anywhere, everyone else has their cliques and their couples and no matter what I do I can't even hang out with them without feeling like the freak, the third/fifth/umpteenth odd wheel, I don't hardly get along with anyone my age but nobody older is like "whoo, yeah, let's hang out with the kid who's still in high school" (and looking around, I really can't blame them), so here I am, always on the outside, always without anyone, anyone who understands me or gets what I'm saying or can actually accept the fact that hey, every once in a while I want to dress edgy, and not call me a &^$#ing hooker, or give me shit about my clothes, or ANYTHING, I don't even mean boyfriend, just a FRIEND, I'm just sick of all of this...I don't think anyone means to but I always feel like I'm the toilet paper stuck on someone's shoe, as soon as they notice I'm around they try and shake me off, I'm the disposa-friend, hang out with me when *you* want to but if *I* want to do anything, no way jose, and the people that you think listen or care, but no, they just want things from you, which is obvious when they stop talking to you when you make it clear that they aren't getting it, and you thought they were your friend, but nope. I'm just sick of all these people who up and stop talking to me, rubbing salt into that one big wound when you'd think they'd know better, and wondering if I just give off some "hey, treat me like crap, no really, I'll grin and bear it!" vibe or something. I'm sick of everyone's immaturity, I try not to be oversensitive but sometimes people just say these things and I can't take it any way and I get annoyed, yeah sorry, it's not funny when you state the obvious about my eyeshadow or clothes or body features (especially for the fiftieth time in a FREAKING HOUR), and everyone jokes about these and other things and doesn't realize that on the occasions where it doesn't annoy me, it hurts. But maybe I'm just misinterpreting everyone, or being oversensitive. I guess I don't take being blown off very well, even if it was a long time ago...I don't know. And if I'm not being blown off by one person, it's somebody else, in a new and creative way. I'm sick of all of this. And it seems like there's no point in even hoping for anything to change, because it never does. I'm like the kid who's always screwed at musical chairs, haha.

In between work and AQT, my weekend's pretty much blown. as was last weekend. fun shit. I should have just stayed home tonight, because I probably would have gone to bed in a much better mood. brighter note: sold something at my etsy store, the rainbow hat.

Day out, day in
and begin again

olly olly oxen free