Monday, July 31, 2006

I am sooooooo exhausted. I didn't sleep very well Saturday night or last night and I got about the same amount of sleep between the two that I normally get in one night. actually less. But work went well, not really any bitchy customers (one, and I think there were 1-2 others but I didn't have to deal with them). Apparently I'm taking to the stockroom like a duck to water, yay, and I did over my goal yesterday. Woo-hoo. going to see Clerks 2 later and then maybe hang out with Stacia.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

la la la. Long time no post. Not much has been going on...I got the job at Journey's and start today. I woke up in a pissy mood and I'm not really sure why, but I'm left with a very strong urge to yell at random people and hit things. And a headache. It just seems like, aside from the job, there's a bunch of small to medium things which normally wouldn't get me down all that much by themselves, but all at once is too much.

so Wednesday we went all the way over to Hutchinson, KS. And then back, in one day. That there was the softball world series (or USSSA world series, or something, I dunno) going on, that meant that I was home alone for a lot of the week. Which was nice. However, it made the noise a whole lot harder to stand once everyone got back. although that might just be the aforementioned pissy mood.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

oh, I forgot, I beat the expert level of minesweeper. I'm sure you all really really don't care but I was proud of myself.

yesterday and today have been relatively entertaining. Yesterday Lydia called me up, wanted to do something, so we wandered around the mall and Joplin in general, went by Alicia's place of work and spoke to Scott (or, in my case, met Scott), since Alicia wasn't there, the slacker. I spent the night at Jessica's spur of the moment, and today we went to the mall again and wandered around, though this time hijinks and such were involved. Such as taking the free Auto Trader magazines, poking holes in them, and wandering around looking at people through the holes (telling them we were undercover). haha, also we ran into Spencer, who kind of followed us around whilst we were doing this, and kept insisting that we're weird. We walked into The Buckle and talked to Ryan like this, he informed us that we are goobers. all in all, fun was had.

ugh. School starts in less than a month. I do NOT want to go back. I mean, I just...there are nine people in that school that I genuinely like and can carry on a conversation with. Really, I counted. I'm sick of the brainless curriculum and sick of the teachers and sick of the people and I haven't even started again yet. blaaah...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I swear that I just saw the biggest spider I have ever seen (outside of a zoo or something). Holy freakin' crap. About 30 minutes ago I look up from the computer screen to see this HUGE thing crawling on a far corner of the desk, I

(short intermission: EWWWW some big buzzy flying thing just flew in my face. out of nowhere and I can't figure out where it went. they're waging a war or something, yicky...)

jump up but manage not to scream. It crawls off the desk into the far corner, and I realized it was a wolf spider (I think...) so I decided not to kill it, and being the huge dork I am, took pictures of it instead. Until I decided that it was really just too big and that I didn't want it ending up in my bed or something later and attempted to kill it, unsuccessfully. It ran out from under the thing extremely fast so I jump up screaming (waking everyone up, which I did again when that freakin' thing flew in my face). eeeessh. and now I'm not tired any more. I was getting up from the computer to go to bed when I saw it at much for that.

anyways, here's the pictures:

(this thing was waaay back in the corner, hence the dustiness)

I swear it was at least two inches in diameter, if not two and a half or three. the legs were sooooo long *shudders*

errmmm yeah I'm gonna try sleeping now...

To laugh is to risk appearing a fool,
To weep is to risk appearing sentimental
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Sunday, July 16, 2006

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I saw my first episode of The Boondocks last night. That show is HILARIOUS.

Friday, July 14, 2006

You Are A: Parakeet!

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yay, I'm an animal with a brain smaller than a walnut.

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(honestly, I would have thought it'd be higher than that....)

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yeah I was really that bored. and now, I'm hungry.

So, I'm still alive, in case anyone was wondering. Despite the reoccuring random dizzy spells. And bad moods. Today in particular just wasn't that great of a day overall. I couldn't sleep again last night, kept waking up. (for like the third night in a row, which probably has something to do with the bad moods)

When I did wake up, I was cranky for no reason I could figure out. It's not so bad when there's a good reason for being in a pissy mood, but I hate it when you can't shake it and don't have a reason. Anyways, I went to shower around 11 only to discover that the hot water wasn't working. Grrrreat. I spent the next hour and a halfish trying to fix it and waiting to see if it was fixed, only to discover it wasn't. So I spent the next 30-45 minutes boiling water on the stove and pouring it in the tub. Which only resulted in me spilling boiling water on my foot (which, in turn, resulted in shrieks and dropping the pot on the living room floor, thoroughly soaking it. fun fun). And having a bath that was freezing anyways. The rest of the day wasn't as bad as that, but eh. I was supposed to hang out with Jessica and Minkus and spend the night and such, but I'm in kind of a rawr mood, and I don't really feel like being a third wheel. Which inevitably happens no matter how hard people attempt to avoid it.

We now own an Xbox(and Fable, and Halo). Ashley and Logan made the mistake of only buying two controllers, so my dad's in there shouting suggestions over the noise of Ashley and Logan bickering as they play the game. I swear, Logan yells more during videogames than any other person I've ever met in my life.

Cinna the Poet plays tomorrow at the Foundry...I'll probably be going to that, assuming somebody wants to go with me. hummm.

*wanders off to find chocolate and other comfort foods*

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

so. I cannot figure this one out. I got very little sleep last night (more on that in a second), and when I woke up for good, woke up with a godawful head and neck ache, and with an upset stomach. Shortly after waking up I got really dizzy for no reason (like, we're talking having trouble walking a straight line dizzy). So I ate a nectarine, because despite feeling like I was going to puke, I was still hungry. Felt better for 20 minutes and now the dizziness is back, though not as bad as before, so I just ate a chewy bar.

Yaaay, cheap entertainment. *watches the room spin*

Anyways, yeah. I went to bed around midnight. Got an idea that wouldn't leave me alone so I had to get up and draw it. Got back in bed. Got another idea. Got back in bed. Got extremely hungry. Got up, made a sandwich, went back to bed. Tossed and turned and switched blankets and fell asleep.

I had a dream that...well at the beginning there was something with this three inch tall little redheaded fairy. That was our friend for some reason, and she had pretty wings...looking at her for too long made my head hurt. And I put her in a cage for some reason and then felt bad and took her out and ran away because I couldn't face her. And then something about washing dishes. And then suddenly I'm at my house, with Jessica and her dad. I walked past Logan's room and saw a HUGE brown recluse on the floor, so I went to smack it with a shoe. All of the sudden there were two of them, and I hit them both, and they were leaking spider-juices (yummy huh) but still alive, jumped up on his chair. I stood up and went to go smack 'em again when I saw that there was this the grand-daddy-longleg on steroids times ten. It would have come up to my knees if it was on the ground. It ate the two spiders, but one of our dogs, Sasha, was inside the room and went to eat them or something, the big nasty thing stabbed her with one of its legs. She started wailing (Shibas make funny noises, much higher-pitched and more human-ish than most other dogs) and ran from the room, with the leg still stuck in her(it like...fell off the mutant-whatsit). I stood there screaming bloody murder and then went to tell my mom, who didn't believe me. I went to show her the thing in Logan's room and it was gone. So I went to find Sasha, who was hiding behind one of our toilets, and showed her to my dad, the leg was still stuck in her leg, going all the way through it. At this point, Jessica walks up to me (dunno where she was at throughout all of this) holding a cup of water, and points to this extremely tiny (like a quarter inch long) beetle on her cup. Says "Do you think that's poisonous?" I give her a look and go "Who CARES if it's poisonous, it's frickin' tiny, just knock it off the cup!" And she got mad at me, because I was being a hypocrite by being afraid of the big nasty thing and not being understanding of her being scared of a tiny beetle. Said so and walked off, I started yelling at her hysterically and she goes "Whatever, let's not fight" or something. I turn around in time to see my dad pulling the leg out of Sasha's leg, and she let out a scream-yelp that actually woke me up.

WTF, mate?

hahahaha. this cheered me up some.

edit: ok, so it messed up with the frames. blogger won't let me take the picture out and just link it. Oh well. you get the point.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

LOL I forgot something from the theatre last night. This trailer comes up, and words start flashing across the screen, something like "In 2003 a spacecraft was sent to Mars" (shows Earth, zooms out and goes to Mars, shows the whatsit landing on it) "We were told it crashed" (shows the rest of landing) "The final transmission was classified as top secret" (shows camera on whatsit whirring around and focusing, at this point I turn to Stacia and go "Because it shows ALIIIIIIENS") "This is what it saw" and it shows a massive robot-looking thing smashing the spacecraft. I go "Oh, my bad, it showed Optimus Prime." More words appear - "It was the only warning we'd ever get". And then the Transformers logo pops up. we died laughing haha...

Pirates of the Caribbean was awesome. I think the first was better, and the cliffhanger ending sucked, but it was still awesome. It was also bordering on too long, but that might be because all the other shows were sold out so we had to get 10:45 tickets...I don't think we got out of there until 1:30 at least. Of course, they didn't actually start the commercials even until 10:55 and then there was 20 minutes of that, so that definitely helped. Anyways, since we showed up at the theatre at like, six, we had nothing to do. Went and hung around the mall for a while, getting questions as to our pirate oufits (which I got a picture of, shall be posted when the camera gets developed), and then we went to a free outdoor concert at Shifferdecker that Jesse found out about. Cinna the Poet played and were awesome, they seemed impressed with our outfits haha. Anyways yeah it was great but today has been SO FREAKING BORING. ARRRRRRGH. I got home at like 1:15 and haven't actually had anything to do since.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

soo, I got stuff done anyways today, even with my injured hand. *is proud of self* Also, I have a newfound respect for housewives. Cleaning is EXHAUSTING. I got rid of all the spiderwebs on the ceiling, did ALL of the laundry in the house and then proceeded to fold it, and completely cleaned out half of my mom's bathroom, including the giant bathtub/jacuzzi thingie, which doesn't sound like that much of a feat but is indeed. I don't think anyone had cleaned most of that stuff in FOREVER, I found something with mold growing on it. And the bathtub was filthy. I think that's where I got most of the exhaustion from, you get into some weird positions trying to clean the bottom of a 3 ft bathtub without actually standing in the bottom. Anyways, it's all shiny-sparkly neat now. I also managed to wash all my bedsheets and everything; a good thing considering they haven't been washed in a while haha. And then made brownies and ate them on ice-cream since I did so much cleaning.

Agenda for tomorrow:

-POTC!!! yesssss!
-vacuum the house
-put finishing touches to outfit

We're going to go by the theatre roughly two hours before the movie starts to make sure we get tickets, and then go hang out at the mall. And scare random people probably haha. I think afterwards I'm supposed to spend the night with Jessica or Stacia. it should be fun.

I had WEIRD dreams last night.

well that's not cool. trying to make the plug in the sink go down so that I could soak my pillowcase in the sink (attempting to have a relatively productive day) by pulling that thing on the back up. Dunno whst it's called so I hope someone knows what I'm talking about. Anyways, the damn thing came completely up and out of the sink, resulting in me whacking my hand (in particular the first knuckle) really hard on the bottom of the mirror. Which resulted in a long string of swearing, at least I was the only one home. Anyways, 20 minutes later it's already swollen up all icky and there's a nasty bruise too. Despite the ice I've had on it. AND IT HURTS. also makes computer/keyboard operation difficultish.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

sooo. I'm more tired than I should be and I've had a wicked kink in my neck from sleeping on Jessica's couch all day.

Haha, Jimmy Neutron and Ed, Edd'n'Eddy crack me up. along with the normal cartoons that I lurve so much (Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy). Three or four of which are supposedly getting cancelled, and that makes me sad because there's no DVD set.

In the meantime, I'm curiously dizzy for no discernable reason. Hum.

This girl who is a total bitch and has never been nice to me came into Crazy Debbie's when I was doing project graduation work. She looks awful, has put on weight in all the wrong places and does NOT carry it well. I laughed.

I can't wait for Friday. My pirate outfit is all ready to go. I'll be sure to get some pictures...

Ugh. People annoy me. No matter what you do they're never happy. (although, that is not directly connected with what follows) I don't seem to regularly converse with anyone outside of probably two people now, because nobody else talks to me for the most part. I talk to my other friends sometimes, but it's like, if someone doesn't text or email or call me, then I'm going to assume they don't want to talk to me and not go out of my way to talk to them.

ANYWAYS. My point is. If any of you friend people that read my blog feel like I only talk to you when I want something, I assure you that is not my intention. *nods*

The other reason people annoy me is because you leave them alone, you don't do anything to them, and they start stirring crap up for NO reason. blah blah blah. Or, alternately, there's the people who try and convince you that they're aboslutely worthless people, and then get annoyed when you aren't sugar-sweet to them. WTF, mate. W T F.

I don't want school to start again. I know I have to go for the last year, but it's so nice only associating with the people that I want to associate with. And not being brainwashed for seven hours straight.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

uuuggghh. I feel like crap. I caught whatever Jessica had. I'm okay everywhere else (except that my neck and back are really sore for some reason) but my throat HURTS and it hurts to swallow or talk. although now, roughly 45 minutes after I woke up, I can talk sounding normalish at least, when I first woke up I sounded like someone had scrubbed my throat with sandpaper. yummy. also I couldn't sleep last night, I kept waking up. And when I did sleep I had disturbing dreams. blaaaaah...